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1495160cookie-checkPlayStation 5 Sees Second Worse Launch Numbers in Company History

PlayStation 5 Sees Second Worse Launch Numbers in Company History

At long last, both next generational consoles have launched with virtually no games, wonky software, and hardware issues. All whilst somehow unmasking a shadowy cabal of FedEx drivers who have been stealing people’s packages when Walmart or Target has marked their boxes as consoles. Except for the latter, each was to be expected or rumored long before launch.

With both consoles being available, Sankaku Complex covering Famitsu’s market research reveals the PlayStation 5 has only managed to sell 118,000 units in four days. Placing the PS5’s launch as the second-lowest performing console launch in Sony’s history ahead of the PS3.

By comparison, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S have sold 21,000 units in 6 days. Though that appears terrible, the numbers are not the result of low demand but relatively low stock. Reports indicate stores managing to receive stock have taken to selling them via a lottery system. Compared to Microsoft’s prior history in the Japanese market that saw inventory of the Xbox Ones languishing in stores, this bolds well for them.

In the broader context, these numbers do not demonstrate a clear winner or loser in the market or predict who will prevail in the upcoming generation. No matter how much both sides’ fans wish to gloat, what we’re seeing is stock sellouts, not market caps or a lack of demand. Rendering it all the more strange and potentially malicious that the American office of Sony could be unhappy with the regional sales performance and interest.

Sony managed to sell out their available and limited due to covid-19 stock in Japan. Microsoft has managed to sell out their entire stock in Japan. Until both stocks are resupplied, and long-term purchasing numbers and trends are in all that can be garnered from this is Microsoft underestimated demand, and Sony didn’t have enough consoles.

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