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1417440cookie-checkE3 2015: Technomancer Gameplay Video Teases Space-Punk Combat

E3 2015: Technomancer Gameplay Video Teases Space-Punk Combat

Spiders is working on a new action-RPG called Technomancer. It’s one of the games you probably didn’t hear much about during this year’s E3 but it was alive and well on the show floor. The newest trailer for the game teases some of the game’s combat and cyberpunk themes.

The new video from E3 captures some of the pre-alpha gameplay footage, featuring some cinematics – although they’re lacking voices – as well as the game’s lightsaber-inspired fighting. Check it out below from Gamer Attitude.

Comparisons to Mars War Logs are already being made, but I see a lot of Jedi Academy meets Mass Effect. The animations aren’t bad but they definitely need to be cleaned up some more. The special cyber-Jedi abilities also look solid, but again, the animations need a bit of cleaning up. The actual reactions and “dying” animations actually look pretty good and the atmosphere seems to be distinct enough to stand out from many other games out there at the moment.

The Technomancer features some stealth combat, some fake force powers and a lot of running around in wasteland areas based on the video above. You can upgrade and modify your skills, loot new armor and weapons and explore a futuristic sci-fi environment.

This game seems to have escaped the standard press circuit because screenshots and trailers weren’t in the places where they’re usually published, but maybe that’s because this is pre-alpha footage and the devs didn’t want the game to get ripped to shreds by the GJP.


One thing that definitely stands out is that the boss at the end of the clip is absolutely frightening and very well designed. It’s interesting that a game on a lower budget is able to pull out that level of detail and fidelity.

The Technomancer is due release on the Xbox One, PS4 and and PC. Focus Home Interactive is handling the publishing duties and you can keep track of the game by paying a visit to the official website.

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