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Future Games Show To Return This August And Will Reveal New Games

E3 2020 will not happen this year, and to take the place of the annual games event is a subset of website driven digital events. One of the many digital exhibits happens to be GamesRadar’s Future Games Show, which will make its return this month to highlight triple-A games and play host to announcing new video games.

If you happen to refrain from or frequent GamesRadar, know that the outlet will go through with its second Future Games Show event later this month.

The show in question, much like two months ago, is a digital showcase of “the most exciting games of 2020 and beyond.” Additionally, the Future Games Show will contain exclusive trailers, new announcements, and deep dives on existing indie and triple-A games.

Furthermore, this special digital event will kick-off on August 28th at 8:00 P.M. BST / 3:00 P.M. EDT / 12:00 P.M. PDT. Also, expect more details in the coming weeks to pop up highlighting games due to launch throughout the year 2020.

Anyway, you can read over what this month’s Future Games Show has in store when the 28th rolls around leading up to the digital edition of Gamescom 2020:

“Join us on Friday, August 28 at 8PM BST / 3PM EDT / 12PM PDT for another fantastic showcase of exclusive trailers, announcements, and deep dives into existing AAA and indie games due to launch in 2020 and beyond.”

Moreover, folks will be able to catch the Future Games Show across multiple social media and streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook come late August. And unsurprisingly, this event will be promoted across Future’s network sites, which includes PC Gamer, TechRadar, T3, Tom’s Guide, and more.

Lastly, like the June event, expect a bunch of indie games to flood the scene as well as mobile titles, with very little to no actual information on hand on anything noteworthy.

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