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How To Make Money Betting On eSports

Everything About Betting on eSports

eSports is a great betting option compared to regular NJ online casino apps or bookmakers. The introduction of eSports dates back to the early 1990s when there was a need for profitable new online games aside from the list of New Jersey casino apps and poker games. Since then, eSports games have become more competitive among players.

More interesting news about eSports betting sites reveals that they constitute a reputable large number of random factors and precise predictions. These perks paved the way for eSports on major online platforms. In this modern age, eSports has been widely recognized by many online players.

About eSports

To understand how to make money betting on eSports using betting and casino apps NJ, knowing what it is all about and how the system works is imperative. eSports sites are called this way and are generally categorized as new online casinos NJ that facilitate matches between players or against AI. eSports games connect players from different locations to compete against each other, which makes the innovation more engaging and competitive.

Players enjoy playing against each other more than with AI, and this cause prompted them to thirst for dominance in their game of interest. However, not all players can dominate if there are limited games; this led to the introduction of competitive tournaments. These tournaments have different levels for players depending on their experience. Winners are rewarded with huge prices, such as an expensive car gift or cash prize.

A notable eSports event is the Quake championship – this took place around 1997 when eSports games were gradually making a way in the market. Others that came into the limelight were Warcraft, StarCraft, and Counter-strike. From time to time, from the 2000s, there is a yearly competition between players. Winners are rewarded with compelling gifts followed by respect and high rating among fellow players and supporters around the globe.

These games are played on PCs or mobile devices. Others eSports projects include Overwatch, PUBG, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Hearthstone, League of Legend, Fortnite, and Rainbow Six Siege.

How to Bet On eSports

Betting on eSports has been made easy as the betting platforms are highly functional websites designed with information on upcoming and recent ongoing online NJ tournaments. The best eSports betting sites make it easy for players – both beginners and professionals to bet by:

    • Providing a friendly GUI report for statistics recorded by any team of choice in previous games. All data about a team’s performance are provided online to help decision-making.
    • Granting easy access to preview a team’s progress, this data contains their number of wins and losses, information about players on the team, and news updates on the team.
  • Letting bettors compare teams by reporting their head-to-head and win/loss ratio.
  • Allowing bettors to search for the best players in any team or competition. This option gives everyone a heads up on where or on whom to risk a bet, more like a profitable option to stake on the best player in the best form presently.

With all the tips above, bettors will have no difficulty deciding which team or player to stake during any match or tournament.

Perks of Betting On eSports

eSports provides bettors with mouthwatering rewards higher than what they earn from live casino online NJ games. eSports games are developed with great entertainment, are highly competitive, and do not require much experience to participate in any of the games/tournaments. Here are the perks that eSports offer.

Provision of a Large Number of Tournaments

One of the best reasons is that eSports platforms provide a large number of tournaments with high rewards. These tournaments come up occasionally in a year, which makes them highly sought after by spectators, bettors, and players. A large number of tournaments include various small and big competitive games. The small competitive games are not always patronized by a large audience but are a less risky option for profits. Reports show that at any time in eSports, there is always a real ongoing game. Hence, no need for a virtual game/match before you get entertained or place a bet.

Provision of a Large Number of Betting Events

Compared to regular live casino app games, eSports provides players with a wide variety of betting options. These options allow players/bettors to increase their chances of winning. Each betting event has a unique, odd, viable choice. Their betting events are usually in the form of match time, the number of frags, use of a weapon/artifact, score of the first card, and winning method, to mention a few. Register to enjoy more profitable betting events than live casino NJ events.


eSports is undoubtedly a profitable betting option among New Jersey gambling sites in the market. However, there is always a risk to every choice considered for making money. As easy as it is to make winning decisions for eSports games, some factors must be considered. These factors include the tournament’s importance for the team, their line-up, fans’ expectations, and experience. However, make an informed choice before betting on eSports to avoid critical loss.


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