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1416070cookie-checkE3 2016: NieR: Automata Gains Three New Gameplay Videos

E3 2016: NieR: Automata Gains Three New Gameplay Videos

NieR fans who are looking forward to Platinum Games and Square Enix’s latest fast-paced, action packed sequel “Automata” now have the opportunity to see over 15 minutes of gameplay. During PlayStation Underground live-stream at E3 they featured two videos (which were shown as one), and a new boss fight that can now be viewed by gamers. NieR: Automata is slated to come out sometime in 2017 for PS4.

That’s right, during the PlayStation Underground event at E3 folks watching got to see some mad gameplay of Automata. The single stream revealed a lot of fighting mechanics, movement and how your flying companion can help you glide and shoot nearby enemies. The game is shaping up to be pretty nice, and with it coming out next year hopefully the devs can show out with this entry.

Following after the first NieR back in 2010, the second game tells the story of androids 2B, 9S and A2 as they attempt to rid Earth of machine lifeforms in a dystopia driven setting.

Both videos were actually one long video and were broken down into two parts by YouTuber Personal Sotar. Looking over to the videos we see that the person playing has the debug running so that they can jump to certain scenes to show off what they are trying to explain.

Adding on to the videos that showcased the game, we see that the areas are big and spacious enough so that players can explore and move around when dealing with a barrage of enemy attacks, which I’m sure will help players get in close near enemies to perform fast combos.

With all of that noted above, you can check out both videos below.

Lastly, the video that shows 2B and 9S fighting a creeping boss showcases a large amount of fast pace dodging, attacking and jumping. You can view the video thanks to Square Enix NA.

Platinum Games and Square Enix’s upcoming hack and slash game, NieR: Automata, is set to come out sometime next year during 2017, and is currently slated to be an exclusive for PS4.

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