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Serious Sam 4 Could Be Making An Appearance At E3

We haven’t heard much about Croteam’s Serious Sam 4 endeavors, but we do know that it’s in the making. Well, some new hints from tweets recently sent out by Devolver Digital and the Croteam Facebook page indicates that we could be seeing Serious Sam in action again… soon.

DSO Gaming is reporting that Devolver Digital has made it known that they will be in attendance at this year’s E3. They already announced that Absolver, Shadow Warrior 2 and Strafe would be showcased at the trade show in Los Angeles, California, and they would be joined by Croteam’s unannounced title. Many suspect that this unannounced title would be Serious Sam 4.

So where does Serious Sam 4 fit into all of this? Well, according to DSO Gaming Croteam retweet Devolver Digital with the additional comment “It’s time to get serious”. The Serious Sam Facebook page then shared Croteam’s comment on the page.

It’s a tenuous connection at best, but it does tie into previous comments recently made by Croteam earlier this year when they began discussing the technology that they will be utilizing in Serious Sam 4, which will include photogrammetry.

Just a little bit before that they had included the Serious Sam voice pack into The Talos Principle as a DLC pack.

Again, it’s all rather thin, but the continued inclusion of Serious Sam content popping up every so often in the past two years and then the comments by Devolver Digital definitely seem to point to something big happening at this year’s E3.

My only worry is that times have changed and we’re seeing media picking and choosing who they promote and how. A game like Serious Sam was very politically incorrect, and that isn’t being tolerated in today’s gaming sphere by larger media outlets. Having fun at the expense of crude humor is almost outlawed in today’s industry.

Croteam will likely have to make a choice as to whether or not they go politically incorrect and retain their old audience and possibly bring in some pro-freedom of speech/anti-censorship gamers, or they can attempt to play it safe and make Serious Sam 4 a lot more friendly towards Social Justice Warriors. I guess we’ll find out at E3 this year.

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