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Terraria Manages To Sell 20 Million Copies

Re-Logic’s Terraria has managed to sell a massive 20 million across multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Linux, iOS and Android.

The news came courtesy of a tweet from Re-Logic, who posted up a thank you message to fans while announcing the milestone achievement.

The link to the Terraria forums, where they roll out plenty of fun facts about the game, comparing the original 2011 release to the current version out there today.

They note that it released on PC only, contained around 250 items, only featured six NPCs, 20 enemies, three bosses and 10 biomes.

Compoared to the more recent version of the game, they note that they’ve moved 8.5 million copies of Terraria within the 18 months since they released version 1.3 on PC, they’ve implemented more than 3,800 items, 16 bosses, 27 biomes and mini-biomes, more than 350 enemies, 25 different NPCs and optional endings.

Terraria really is an indie Cinderella story.

The game is oftentimes compared to Minecraft because both are these block-building, craft and exploration titles that you can play and enjoy with friends and family alike. The major difference is obviously that with Terraria the game is in 2D and features sprite-based graphics where-as Minecraft is designed to imitate an 8-bit 3D block game.

They mention in the post that version 1.3 is still inbound for consoles, along with various other goodies, where they write…

“The future remains bright for Terrarians as well – with Console 1.3 just around the corner, Mobile 1.3 right behind that, and even more tidbits that we are not quite ready to share (yes, that includes an update on the status of Otherworld – but let’s save that for another day and just have fun celebrating this milestone :)”

Terraria was one of the rare indie titles from last gen that was consistently fun to play and they put in a lot of time and effort and work in ensuring that the game worked well across all platforms. A lot of gamers are still excited and interested in info regarding Terraria Otherworld, so maybe we’ll get some details on that soon.

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