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E3 2018 Set To Kick-Off On June 12th And Will End June 14th

E3 2017 has finally ended and is now over and done with. While the event may have ended, other forms of information pertaining to the convention and games relating to E3 may come out of the aftermath, but for the most part this means that the overseers of the convention are now prepping to get E3 2018 underway. A starting and end date has been revealed as of recent.

According to publication site IGN, the site posted up a new image showing the dates for E3 2018. Next year’s convention is set to kick-off on June 12th and will end on June 14th, 2018. You can check out the image showing the announcement and date for E3 2018 below.

E3 2018

It is said that the organization had counted 68,400 people in attendance at E3 2017, which is said to be up by 18,100 from last year’s 50,300 attendees. I should note, though, that this year of E3 was open to the public through the purchase of tickets.

Moreover, publication site GameSpot noted that the ESA CEO Mike Gallagher said in an interview this week that the organization may pursue other options if the Los Angels Convention Center does not modernize or update the facility.

In addition to the above, Gallagher said he hopes the convention center will undergo reconstruction and renovations to increase the floor space and make the hall much more appealing and “contiguous”. As of now, there are two main halls that stand to be the West and South section, which are separated by a long hallway.

Something worth noting is that the ESA did not mention in its press release, according to GameSpot, if it will sell public tickets in 2018. During the interview, Gallagher said the ESA will gather information and feedback about E3 2017 from attendees and publishers before making further announcement about the format for 2018’s E3.

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