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Ubisoft Opening New Winnipeg Studio Comprised Of AAA Dev Teams

Ubisoft is looking to expand its presence for better development tools and future projects by announcing its upcoming Winnipeg studio, which comes after the March announcement of its new Mumbai and Odesa studios. This new Winnipeg studio will be comprised of AAA development teams.

The company over franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, Far Cry, and other titles, is looking to expand its development presence so that it can bring more games out in the near future. Additionally, we can see this with the company’s recent announcement made on, as posted below:

“Opening in Fall 2018, Ubisoft Winnipeg is the newest addition to the Ubisoft Canadian studios family, a collective of AAA game development teams dedicated to creating immersive, engaging worlds for our players around the world. Ubisoft Winnipeg will play a strategic role within the collective with a focus to develop tools and technology to power many of the most successful Ubisoft brands.”

Whether you adore, hate or you’re indifferent to the company, there’s no denying the Winnipeg studio is currently in motion and nothing can stop it. This is known since the studio is reported to play a “key role” as a co-development studio, and will support “popular franchises” under the company’s belt.

The developers, when employed, will study, create and refine “tools” and “technology” to enable teams to make new “open worlds” for players.

Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft Canadian Studios, noted that it’s critical Ubisoft developers have access to the “best tech” to adapt to the “fast-paced” and “highly competitive market.”

As of right now, the company is looking to create more than 100 new jobs within the next five years, whereupon Ubisoft Winnipeg will hire engineers, tool programmers, technical artists, and more specialists to help out.

If your curiosity has been piqued by this new studio you can either read the full post over on or you can watch the new introduction video about Ubisoft Winnipeg below.

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