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Focus Home Interactive Announces E3 2018 Lineup

Focus Home Interactive, the publisher of many games that range from indie to some AA titles, has come forth with its E3 2018 lineup. Folks curious what will be at the publisher’s booth will be able to find out ahead of June 12th.

Whether you’re bit curious to see what Focus has to show at this E3 event or you’re a fan of the publisher’s games, the company has come forth to announce what to expect come June 12th through June 14th.

Focus Home Interactive E3 2018

That’s right if you’re going to the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year you can find Focus at the West Hall at #4512 through the given dates. However, games that will be present at the event consist of A Plague Tale: Innocence, Call of Cthulhu, GreedFall, Farming Simulator 19, Insurgency: Sandstorm, and The Surge 2.

Firstly, out of the six games, you can learn more about A Plague Tale: Innocence and what platforms it will release on and what the overall premise has to offer:

A Plague Tale: Innocence — (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – Meet orphan siblings Amicia and Hugo – as well as the hordes of rats hunting them – in a new gameplay walkthrough by developers from Asobo Studio.

The above concept applies to Call of Cthulhu:

Call of Cthulhu — (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – Lovecraft’s twisted universe comes alive in an exclusive walkthrough guided by the developers from Cyanide.

If you have no idea what GreedFall happens to be you can read it over right here:

GreedFall — (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – Dive into the latest RPG from Spiders to discover a unique world shaped by the player’s political diplomacy, character relationships, and critical choices.

Farming Simulator 2019 will be a thing, although that one is a no-brainer:

Farming Simulator 19 — (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – Shown for the very first time, see the newest entry in the farming phenomenon from GiantsSoftware – including an exciting surprise to be announced at E3!

As previously confirmed on NWI Livestream, hosted by Alex Blonsky, Insurgency: Sandstorm will be shown at E3 2018. You can get additional info right here:

Insurgency: Sandstorm — (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – play the sequel to the multi-million selling FPS Insurgency with the developers from New World Interactive, in a dedicated multiplayer session!

Last but not least, The Surge 2 will make a debut at this E3:

The Surge 2 — (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – Check out 30 minutes of never-before-seen gameplay of the hardcore Action-RPG from Deck13, with an ambitious level design and combat more brutal than ever.

Well, you know the date to save if you want to tune in or pay Focus a personal visit this E3. You can learn more by hitting up

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