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1533450cookie-checkPaypal Pulls Support For SubscribeStar Users, Including Tim Pool, Sargon of Akkad
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Paypal Pulls Support For SubscribeStar Users, Including Tim Pool, Sargon of Akkad

For people using SubscribeStar, there used to be an option to cash out the donations you received via Paypal. That option is no longer available. The Patreon-alternative has come under fire from Social Justice Warriors who have been labeling SubscribeStar as a platform that hosts content from the “Alt-Right” and the “Alt-Lite”.

YouTuber Tim Pool originally did a video about the change on December 14th, 2018. He explained how he can no longer cash out donations from his viewers using Paypal, because the option has been removed. It’s still possible to cash out using other methods, but Paypal is no longer one of those methods.

Basically if you log into SubscribeStar and attempt to cash out through Paypal, the option is no longer available, as explained by Pool in the video above. This goes for everyone using SubscribeStar, including Dave Cullen, Naomi Wu, Dr. Gad Saad, and 1791L, to name a few.

This was corroborated by Sargon of Akkad, who also detailed how this is part of the continued efforts from Social Justice Warriors to deplatform anyone who doesn’t align with the radicals on the Left. This recent purge started with Patreon, which was documented by Nick Monroe on Twitter, and now it’s escalated to SubscribeStar.

The short gist of it is that activists, like Tiny Tim Squirrell, are attempting to work with other SJWs to demonetize any who speaks out against the SJW agenda.

Tiny Tim was one of the more vocal opponents to start hammering in on SubscribeStar, posting a Twitter thread that was a proverbial call to arms against SubscribeStar users such as Mike Cernovich, Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin, and Tim Pool on December 11th, 2018.

After tagging and alerting the Social Justice Inquisition from the dark corners of Twitter, it was just a few days later that Paypal pulled support from SubscribeStar. And now when you attempt to transfer funds into Paypal, it shows a message stating that Paypal terms don’t conform to the service policy of SubscribeStar anymore.

It was mentioned by Nick Monroe and in the other videos that Sleeping Giants was pulling the strings in organizing the deplatforming. It’s a Twitter account with a massive reach, consisting of 214,000 followers. They’ve been actively using shame tactics to demonetize various non-Leftists individuals, organizations, and media outlets for speaking out about the SJW agenda. This includes getting advertising pulled from major outlets like Tucker Carlson on Fox News or Breitbart.

Basically, the goal of Social Justice Warriors at this point is to either deplatform their ideological opponents by getting them off of places like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, or Facebook, and barring that, they go after the funding of various pundits in order to financially starve them out of the spotlight.

This seems to be a trend lately, especially after notable opposition to the extreme Left, such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Sargon of Akkad, and James Allsup were Frecently banned from Patreon.

(Thanks for the news tip The Duder)

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