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Former Mass Effect: Andromeda Dev Will Create “Diverse Game Studio” This Year

You may have thought Manveer Heir vanished into thin air, but no, he’s back and building a new company after leaving BioWare. However, this new company from the former Mass Effect: Andromeda developer will not only be revealed sometime this year but it will be a full on “diverse video game studio.”

I bet you haven’t forgotten the controversial and glitchy title by Electronic Arts and BioWare? Well, if not, the 2017 Mass Effect entry known as Andromeda sparked many headlines, but some of those pieces published by websites also included the exploits of the developers, too, including their racist tirades.

One of those developers happens to be Manveer Heir, who took up a talking point to explicitly speak ill of a certain race of people as seen below:

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Not long afterward, Heir left BioWare to start up his own indie project as seen in the archived image below:

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As of January 1st, 2019, Heir took to Twitter to announce that the diverse company he’ll be heading up will be announced sometime this year (2019).

There’s no telling whether the company that is said to be announced sometime this year will stand to be an indie studio (as noted last year in the above-archived image) or if the company will produce AA games?

But something that is known for a fact is the more a studio forcefully pushes politics — especially current year politics in video games, movies, TV shows and so on — the more likely it will go belly up. From here, expect the usual fan blame game to divert from the real issue “get woke, go broke.”

The true question is, how long will this new company stand before following the usual path as seen with similar games and companies that take up the social justice narrative/stance? Well, we’ll soon find out later this year thanks to morsels like this one:

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