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1535110cookie-checkU.K. Army Ads Aim For Inclusivity By Recruiting Gamers, Snowflakes, And Millennials
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U.K. Army Ads Aim For Inclusivity By Recruiting Gamers, Snowflakes, And Millennials

Every kind of person you wouldn’t want on the frontline defending your country, armed to the teeth in the latest in military technology, is exactly who the U.K. Army has been targeting with its latest series of recruiting ads, both in print and online.

GameRevolution pointed to a series of six new posters from the U.K. Army, which features a “Me Me Me Millennials” poster that says the Army needs your “self-belief”; the “Class Clowns” and their “spirit”; the “Binge Gamers” and their “drive”, the “Phone Zombies” and their “focus”; the “Selfie Addicts” and their “confidence”; and the “Snowflakes” and their “compassion”.

UK Army Posters

GameRevolution notes that the ads weren’t very well received among the populace, and this was further compounded with the negative reception to the ads over on the Army Jobs YouTube channel, where the video versions of the posters have been popping up.

There are only three promo videos up as of the writing of this article, two of which feature minorities, and the other featuring the gamer. Two of the videos have received fairly negative reactions, even with the comments being disabled.

The first video for the gamer claims it needs their stamina. The half-minute ad almost has more downvotes than upvotes.


The same sort of distaste was evinced by the community in the second ad, this time featuring a black chick working at a mart in the U.K., under rude white bosses. It’s pretty obvious what the ad is trying to convey, and once again the general audience wasn’t falling for it.


I can only imagine what the comments would have looked like had the U.K. Army had the balls to enable them on the recruitment videos.

The third video was the only one that was well-received, featuring a halfie wrapping himself up in bubble wrap and getting whacked in the office by a coworker. It actually seems more like a Call of Duty ad than a recruitment video for the Army, but it actually wasn’t hated by the community.


Nevertheless, it’s rather obvious that if people are tired of diversity in their entertainment media, they certainly aren’t going to be persuade to sign up for the Army by falling into the trap they’ve been trying to escape from the agitators in movies, television, music, comic books and video games.

According to The Guardian, in a piece published January 3rd, 2019, Major General Paul Nanson told the outlet that the intention of the promotional campaign was to try to tap the audience by portraying people beyond the typical media stereotypes, saying…

“The army sees people differently and we are proud to look beyond the stereotypes and spot the potential in young people, from compassion to self-belief.”

This was also echoed by the defense secretary, Gavin Williamson, who decided to mirror Nanson’s comments, but with far less inconspicuousness regarding the intended agenda of trying to recruit for the intended purpose of pushing the inclusivity and diversity agenda. Williamson doesn’t even hide it, telling The Guardian…

“[The campaign is] a powerful call to action that appeals to those seeking to make a difference as part of an innovative and inclusive team”.


“It shows that time spent in the army equips people with skills for life and provides comradeship, adventure and opportunity like no other job does. Now all jobs in the army are open to men and women. The best just got better.”

Further into the article it’s revealed that it’s not actually the U.K. Army pushing for the whole diversity angle, but rather the contractor that was hired to raise recruitment numbers. The project was reportedly outsourced to Capita, who has been failing to meet the Army’s quotas. For instance they were supposed to have 82,500 fully trained troops by October of 2018, but only managed to 77,000 troops.

These ads attempting to be “diverse” and “inclusive” obviously aren’t working, but maybe Capita needs to learn a hard lesson about getting woke and going… well, you know the rest.

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