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1465710cookie-checkElectronic Arts To Forgo E3 2019 Press Conference, While Battlefield V Firestorm Leaks
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Electronic Arts To Forgo E3 2019 Press Conference, While Battlefield V Firestorm Leaks

According to a new piece posted up on Electronic Arts’ news section, big papa EA will not hold a press conference at EA Play, which is set to kick-off at the Hollywood Palladium on June 7th, 2019. Additionally, the battle royale mode that did not appear at Battlefield V’s launch has been leaked ahead of its official reveal in a new video.

To set the record straight, no, EA is not pulling a Sony and abandoning E3 2019 altogether. Instead, the company will cut out cringy talking points and will replace said segments with streams and gameplay footage.

If you don’t believe me, you can read over the following blurb on right here:

“2019 will mark our fourth year of EA PLAY. What we envisioned as a celebration of play has become an incredible moment that we love to share with the community each year. We are so grateful for all our fans who have joined us, and we look forward to making this year an even better experience.


This year you’ll see less talk and more play, with an event entirely focused on the heartbeat of EA PLAY: our player communities and the games they love.


  • First hands-on with some of our biggest games.
  • Exclusive content from some of the most popular creators in the world.
  • Free for all to attend.


It all starts this year on Friday night, June 7, 2019, with an all-new EA PLAY kickoff event. We’re skipping the press conference this year and are replacing it with multiple live streams that will air during the first two days of the event, bringing you more of what you’ve told us you want – more gameplay and insights from the teams making the games.


Weekends are meant for play, and this year we’ve moved the EA PLAY fanfest to Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9 where players will get hands-on with our games. We’ll also have content creators streaming live from our Creator’s Cave in the Hollywood Palladium providing gameplay content to our players viewing online. will be the home for all online EA PLAY content. Players can get behind-the-scenes with our games via exclusive gameplay reveals, developer talks and breaking news.”

Something worth keeping in mind is, just because there will be no EA press conference with cringe talking points at E3 2019 doesn’t mean meme moments can’t come out of EA Play. Remember that.

On the topic of screw-ups, remember Battlefield V’s take on battle royale dubbed Firestorm? Yeah, the mode that never released, well it has been leaked ahead of its launch and I’m sure it will contain its fair share of bugs and glitches like other content in the woke FPS game.

Anyway, you can check out in-game footage and explanations as to what the mode brings to the 2018 game that flopped, thanks to YouTuber DANNYonPC:

Lastly, According to EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, Battlefield V did not meet the company’s Q3 sales forecast because it didn’t launch with Firestorm (a battle royale mode) and not due to contentious comments made by the dev team, forcing in SJW politics, and releasing a content-lacking broken game at launch. So with that in perspective, it will be interesting to hear Wilson’s take on the matter if the battle royal mode — due for March — performs poorly this month.

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