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1487380cookie-checkDavid Cage Talks How Quantic Dream Is Moving Away From PlayStation Exclusives

David Cage Talks How Quantic Dream Is Moving Away From PlayStation Exclusives

A new report has surfaced that sees the man who makes interactive movies, I mean… games, with development team Quantic Dream talk about why he’s moving away from PlayStation exclusivity and shifting to multiplatform releases.

Whether or not you like David Cage and Quantic Game’s titles is another story in itself — although if you’re not a fan of said games, then you have something in common with yours truly. Anyway, what is relevant in this case is a recent report from website about Mr. Cage and PlayStation exclusivity.

The website attended the GameLab event in Barcelona and had the chance to talk with the founder of Quantic Dream to discuss how the new financial resources provided by (Chinese company) NetEase are working out and how the studio aims to work on as many platforms as possible.

In addition to the above, these platforms consist of PC, and Xbox One, and likely more. The website also highlights Cage talking about the branching out and away from PS exclusives and what this means for Quantic Dream’s future:

“We felt it was the right moment for the company – after 23 years and 12 years working exclusively with Sony – to follow our path and explore different directions. We wanted to create more than one game at a time; we wanted to become our publisher also, which we start with Heavy Rain on PC right now and then Beyond and Detroit that we self-publish.”

Cage continues:

“It was about starting a new journey, I think, for us, and we felt ready for it. When we met the people at NetEase, we felt they were the right people, understanding the vision we had and being able to support us in accomplishing this vision, and so we’re interested in the Asian market, we look at the mobile market. We have many different ideas and crazy things that we want to do in the near future.”

Finally, it was announced at March’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) that Quantic Dream would publish Detroit: Become Human along with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls for PC on the Epic Games Store for a year before “appearing elsewhere.”

So there you have it, Cage and co. will be shipping their games not just on PS4 but other platforms like mobile devices “in the near future.”

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