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Stranger Things 3 The Game Walkthrough

Netflix released the third season of Stranger Things on their premium streaming service, and it was accompanied by the release of Stranger Things 3: The Game, which is a multimedia tie-in with the show. Much like the previous two seasons (and previous two games), BonusXP’s third outing is a retro throwback to the 16-bit era of gaming, sort of like a mix of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Jurassic Park, and The Legend of Zelda all squeezed into one.

Well, if you’ve been having trouble trying to progress through the game, don’t worry about it…

there are Stranger Things 3 game walkthroughs. The Game walkthroughs are available to help you out whether you have the game on iOS, PS4, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC.

The first walkthrough is available via rrvirus. He covers the first chapter of the game, which you can check out below.

When you start the game you have the option of selecting “New Game” or “Eliminator”. However, you can’t start Eliminator because you have to unlock it first by playing through the New Game mode first.

Once you start a new game you can select the difficulty, either with Story Mode, Standard, or Master. If you’re not a complete noob, go with “Standard” and don’t be a pussy.

After a short cinematic you’ll start with Mike, who looks like an androgynous chick. He’ll be joined by Lucas.

You’ll need to collect Steve after talking to the kids upstairs. Go downstairs and head into Scoops Ahoy and head into the backroom to talk to Steve.

Stranger Things 3 The Game Power Conductor

You’ll need to find Steve’s keys in order to access the corridors. Go over to the trash on the side of the room and whack it with the bat until you find Steve’s keys. Pick ’em up and take them to Steve. This will lead to the corridor that will then take you to the elevator. However, you need to restore the power to the elevator. Go talk to Ivan at the end of the corridor.

Ivan will task you with killing all the rats in the rooms before he will help you.

Kill all of the rats and then go talk to Ivan.

Ivan will give you a keycard to access the door that will allow you to turn the power on. Use the character swap on the pressure pads so you can open the doors and then flip the power switch to turn the elevator on.

Go into the elevator and attempt to find the back entrance to the theater.

You’ll need to wait for the guard to leave the room and walk into the next room and then flip the switch to lock him in the room.

Head up into the darkroom, kill the rats, and move into the room with all the pressure plates.

Stand on the plate in front of the satellite poster and the plate to the top right-hand corner of the room to open the door.

Make your way up through the corridors and kill the rats, flip the switch to open the door, and then kill the guard in the next room.

Flip the switch to open the door and get into the theater

A short cinematic will play.

Stranger Things 3 The Game Billy at the Pool

Summer Fling & Radar Love

You’ll have two new quests to complete.

For Summer Fling you’ll need to meet at the Hawkins Pool.

Make your way up the street to the community pool at the top of the map.

Talk to Karen.

Karen will tell you that she needs shampoo for a special occasion. You’ll need to head to the mall to get shampoo for Karen and a soft pretzel for Billy.

Head to the Starcourt Mall.

Go to the Knot So Good and talk to the vendor, who will give you a nasty soft pretzel for $0.05.

Head to the second floor to the Crimp Your Style store and pay $5 for the fancy shampoo. Use the money that Karen dropped for you.

Travel back to the Hawkins Suburbs and give Billy the pretzel. Hand Karen the shampoo and she’ll give you $5.00.

Susan will also have a sidequest for you, wanting a hairdryer from Melvald’s. She’ll give you $10.00 for the hairdryer. You’ll also receive another quest to grab a milkshake from Scoops Ahoy.

First, go to the Starcourt food court and head into Scoops Ahoy. Talk to Robin about Chet wanting a free shake.

If you head around to the back of the store in the storage area there’s a shake mix in the boxes. Also, there’s a Gnome behind the counter and you’ll need to collect all 50 for a special reward.

You’ll also need to acquire Ultra-Lax for Chet’s shake. So head to Melvad’s at Hawkins Square.

Talk to the clerk at Melvald’s and purchase the hairdryer for $10.00. Also, ask Mr. Melvald about a bottle of Ultra-Lax.

He will only give you the bottle if you clear out the rats in the storeroom.

Go around to the back of the counter and enter the storeroom. Kill the rats, grab the bottle of Ultra-Lax and exit the room.

Take the pills back to Robin and she will give you the special milkshake concoction for Chet.

Head back to the community pool and give the milkshake to Chet and the hairdryer to Susan.

Radar Love

Head back to the house and a new quest will start involving Dustin. He’ll need to find some materials, which include tin foil, duct tape, and an umbrella.

You’ll find the tin foil in the kitchen.

Dustin can also hack doors. This is a simple mini-game that requires you to press the corresponding buttons on-screen.

Inside Dustin’s room, you’ll find the duct tape in the corner.

Go around to the room with the pressure pad and you’ll find the umbrella in the corner of the closet space.

Head outside and go to the workbench located within the garage and construct a Cerebro Antenna.

Once the antenna is completed, go to the world map and travel to the weather top.

jetpack lazy image

When you get to the new location you’ll then need to find the three missing Cerebro parts so Dustin can call his girlfriend Susie.

You’ll learn how to use the special abilities at this point, where you can use Lucas to destroy the boulders blocking the path.

Special abilities require energy and you can only restore energy with coke.

Kill the bad guys in the forest.

Stranger Things 3 The Game Cerebro Satellite

In the bottom left-hand corner, you’ll find some boxes with money and supplies.

In the center bottom of the map, you’ll find the first Cerebro part inside of a locked case. You’ll need
Dustin to open the box.

Be sure to save up your energy with Lucas, however, because there’s another boulder blocking the path.

Head down southwest and there’s another locked box; use Dustin to open it in order to gain some sneakers and other useful supplies.

Make your way east, and there’s a gate with a security lock on it. Use Dustin to hack through the control panel.

Head south through the gate and there’s a chest with another Cerebro part inside.

The final Cerebro part is located in the center of the map.

Once you get all the parts head back to the Cerebro satellite and a cinematic will play.

Chapter 2: The Mall Rats

After another short cinematic involving Billy crashing his car, you’ll need to make your way to Hopper’s cabin to find Eleven, as indicated in the Stranger Things 3: The Game walkthrough from YouTuber MisterMontou.

Head to the northwest portion of the Hawkins Suburbs to reach the cabin.

Talk to Hopper and then proceed through the forest to get around the back of the fence, as indicated by the nav point on the map.

You’ll need a combination for the padlock; go back and talk to Hopper and he will tell you to go look around in the forest for the padlock combination.

There are two Molotov cocktail-lobbing Russians who you will need to kill and acquire the padlock combination to get into the cabin.

Once you get into the cabin you are given three new tasks: Offer a compliment, give Eleven a tasty snack, and then choose a good television show.

To give Eleven a compliment just talk to her and choose a compliment.

Hopper will get pissed that Mike is trying to zipper-dive on Eleven and takes him home.

You’ll then need to go to Clare’s and purchase a charm bracelet for Eleven.

When you exit the mall another short cinematic will play and Eleven will dump Mike.

Go back into the mall and talk to Steve at Scoop’s Ahoy. He will mention that he intercepted a Russian message and needs help translating the message. Go to the Hawkins Library to get a Russian book translation.

Proceed through the library and head down into the basement head through the basement and you’ll encounter a puzzle that requires you to turn on the power switches. To solve the puzzle, the power switches should be set in the following order: Up, Down, Down, Up, Down.


Head through the open corridor and grab the book and then go back to Steve and talk to him about the book.

Then you’ll need to head back to Hawkins Square to talk to Nancy at the Hawkins Post.

Go talk to Nancy and she will join your team.

Nancy will have to make coffee for the men. Make two sugars, one cream, regular for Sammy and Tom. Decaf, one sugar, no cream for Bruce.

Proceed to answer the phones.

Go get Jonathan and he will join your party.

After you answer the phones you’ll need to head to the Driscoll Farm.

Examine Driscoll’s house, including the dead rat in the bathroom, the fertilizer, and the clothes in the closet.

Go talk to Mrs. Driscoll and then go investigate the barn – head southeast to investigate the mutated rats.

Head back to the house and kill the monsters.

Proceed into the basement to fight Flayed Mrs Driscoll.

You won’t be able to do any damage to her until you turn on the lights to stun Mrs. Driscoll.

In order to turn on the lights flip both the power switches and then whack her up good.

A good combination is Dustin and Mike because Mike does a lot of damage while Dustin can distract her with the spray.

Proceed upstairs and call the ambulance.

Head back to the Hawkins Post to report the situation to Tom to end the chapter.

Chapter 3: The Case of the Missing Lifeguard

Go talk to Will, and you’ll get two new quests.

Talk to Max about the slumber party and she will join your party. For the Slumber Party quest you’ll need to go to Hopper’ss cabin in the upper left hand corner of the map.

Talk to Eleven and she will join the part.

You will need a bottle, a sleeping bag, and to craft a blindfold.

Go to the fridge and acquire the bottle.

A blindfold can be crafted at the workstation in the top corner of the cabin; all you need is two rags to craft a blindfold.

The sleeping bag is located in the woods. Switch to Lucas and blast apart the boulder blockade and then in the woods and then head southeast to the locked chest. Use Dustin to hack the chest and acquire the baseball bat, bike helmet, and other gear.

Head north and kill the rats and you’ll find a bloody sleeping bag by a bent over tree, which is a reference to Friday The 13th.

Go over to the television and interact with it. Eleven will enter into the Void. Move around the void and follow the items until you meet Billy.

Your next mission is to go to Max’s house at the Hawkins Suburbs.

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Follow the navpoint to Max’s house. Once you get inside you’ll find that Billy’s room is locked. You need to exit the house from the back and go into the backyard. Kill the eldritch horrors and and then enter into Billy’s room.

Examine the bloody fanny pack and the lifeguard whistle in the bathroom.

You’ll get a new mission, which is to check out the community pool.

Make your way north back up to the pool.

You’ll need to make isolation goggles using duct tape, cotton, and swim goggles. You’ll find the swim goggles inside the women’s locker room.

There’s also a storage key in the corner locker, which will allow you to enter into the storage area.

Push the garbage can back and move it behind the storage shelf. There’s a power switch in the corner. Flip the switch and you’ll find a gnome in the other corner of the room.

Head back to the Hawkins Suburbs and craft the isolation goggles before you enter the Void.

Once the goggles are crafted enter into the shower room and you can then go into the Void. Kill all the monsters inside the void and follow the clues to Heather’s location.

Once you clear out the monsters and track down Heather, Eleven will give you a clue to the next mission and the Slumber Party quest will be complete.

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Go talk to Joyce in the Hawkins Square at Melvad’s.

Joyce will then join the team and you’ll need to talk to Hopper at Hopper’s cabin.

Talk to Hopper and he will join the team.

This will open up a new location on the overworld map — Hawkins Lab.

Exit Hopper’s cabin and go to the lab. Use Joyce’s bolt cutters to cut through the fence and enter into the compound. There’s another door with bolts on them. A small mini-game will pop up where you’ll need to press the corresponding button within a small time frame in order to complete the challenge.

When you get inside you’ll need to access the Rift Room in the basement.

On the first floor use Joyce to break open the door and then flip on the power. In the next room there’s a camera — you can’t cross it or else the alarm will go off. Use Joyce to break open the door and then quickly flip the switch in the corner to disable the alarm.

There are a bunch of Russians in the next room, so you might want to use some of your energy to clear them out.

With the Ruskies down, proceed into the next room and have Joyce cut through the doors and kill all the Russians. There are a bunch of beakers and rubbing alcohol in the cases inside the room. You can use Dustin to hack into the cases.

In order to get into the next area, have one person wait by the power switch and then have the other person stand by the door switch. Turn on the power with the person with the person standing by the power switch, and then use the person by the door to open the door to the Hawkins Lab basement.

In the basement you’ll need to collect components to craft a fuse, including duct tape, a spark plug, and wire spool.

You should already have some duct tape in your inventory, if not you’ll find some in the lab along with a wire spool.

Inside the lab you’ll need to turn on the power and exit the lab through the left side and then proceed west to turn on the power and get into the room.

There’s a power switch puzzle you’ll need to solve.

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You’ll need to flip the power switch and off the power so the camera is deactivated so Hopper can go into the breaker room where there’s another power button.

Then use Joyce to deactivate the power in the hallway so Hopper can get get into the next room, step on the pressure plate to open the door for Joyce. Then use Joyce to deactivate the power so Hopper can go into the storage room and access the chest, which has the spark plug inside.

Kill the Russians and the Hawkins Lab scientists and then head into the techies room. There are some hints on the computer screens, which read:

One Yearns for Power

One Looks to the Stars

The Other Seeks Knowledge, but All Seek The Dark.

The puzzle is that the first rat at the top of the room needs to face the poster. The second rate needs to face the switch. The third rate needs to face the northwest. Proceed to flip the power switch and the door will open.

Kill more of the scientists and Russians and then you’ll find another wire spool and duct tape inside the room along with a crafting table.

Craft the fuse using the parts you acquired.

Flip the switch in the room and then repair the rift room door.

Turn on the power and head into the next room. In the top right corner there’s a box with a clue inside, along with the bottom right corner of the room and the top left corner of the room.

Collect the clues and a cinematic will play.

Exit the room and kill the Russians and scientists — chase the intruder into the next room. There’s a gnome in the corner behind some boxes. You’ll need to step on the pressure pads to open the door to the button. Flip the power switch and then press the button. Exit the room and chase after the intruder to end the segment.

Once you get back to Hopper’s cabin, proceed to the Starcourt Scoops Ahoy and talk to Steve. Use the boom box to translate the Russian text and then talk to Robin.

Go outside the mall to the left hand side of the building and use Dustin to hack the silver door next to the docks. Also talk to the dock workers and they’ll reveal they work for the Lynx corporation.

Inside the building, kill the Russians, kill the rats, and collect the items in the storage area. In the bottom part of the map you’ll meet Ivan who will want you to collect certain items for him before he helps you.

You’ll need:

  • Rock N Roll Cassette from Starcourt
  • Swimsuit Magazine from Dustin’s home
  • Sixteen Molotovs VHS from the Library

Go back to Steve and talk to him about the Lynx workers.

This will end the segment and cue a cutscene.

Chapter 4: The Sauna Test

There’s also a full walkthrough of Stranger Things 3: The Game that offers a complete 100% guide courtesy of RabidRetrospectGames.

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