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3 Under-the-Radar Indie Adventure Games on Nintendo Switch in 2022

The Nintendo Switch has come a long way since its original release in 2017. At the time, gamers were all eyes for the latest installment of The Legend of Zelda. Breath of the Wild quickly became one of the best-selling entries in video game history. Many more AAA games were to follow. But the unique features of this hybrid console eventually made the Switch the go-to platform for indie titles. 

From action RPGs to platformers, Nintendo’s handheld console boasts some of the best indie games out there. Although the gift keeps on giving, several games are flying past the radar of many Switch users. So, are you looking for an exciting adventure game? This year has blessed the Switch with an abundance of inspiring and entertaining tales. And we’ve put together a list of three freshly released adventure games worth checking out on the Nintendo Switch.

Endling: Extinction is Forever

We kick off our list with a poignant take on the action-adventure genre. In Endling: Extinction is Forever, you take on the role of the last mother fox across the globe. To protect your cubs at all costs, you must reach the one place on the planet where humans can’t get to you. But in a world left in shambles by mankind, your journey across devastated environments will be perilous.  

Blending current issues with a gripping dystopian atmosphere, this eco-conscious adventure is a deeply immersive survival story. Despite its relatively short length, gamers have a lot to unpack. As a mother fox, you shall see your cubs through every day by finding new shelters, hunting other animals, and stealthily moving at night to avoid becoming prey. Each pup will also develop a unique personality, making some life-or-death decisions even more taxing as you grow attached to these cute furballs. 

Card Shark

Are you in for some trickery? Card Shark puts a cunning spin on the adventure game formula. In this award-winning title by British indie developer Nerial, you impersonate a young mute turned con artist. The shady Comte de Saint-Germain recruits you to extort money from some big guns of the high French society. So, become a master of deceptions to cheat your way to the top. Along your journey, you will meet some familiar historical figures in a brilliant rendition of 18th-century France. You may even uncover a conspiracy as you climb to the high-stakes table of the King and ultimately crack the Comte’s true intentions. 

But the chief appeal of this adventure game lies in all 28 tricks you learn to master as the game unfolds. From stacking the deck to marking cards, nothing is off-limits to rob your all-powerful adversaries. If things don’t go your way, you must use some quick thinking to avoid getting caught. Thus, Card Shark combines the thrill of deceit with the strategic approach to a real-life card game. And if this indie entry gets you in the mood for playing some timeless cards, the best casinos online got you covered. Top platforms boast an exhaustive library of games, from classics with a twist to innovative live dealer sessions. The best casinos even offer hefty rewards for all players, including welcome bonuses and cashback deals. Plus, instant play casinos are optimized for all devices. 

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FAR: Changing Tides

In 2018, the Swiss independent studio Okomotive released FAR: Lone Sails to critical acclaim. Controlling a hybrid vehicle, players explored a post-apocalyptic setting full of remnants of technically-advanced civilizations and ships stranded on dried-up oceans. FAR: Changing Tides brings back the desolate atmosphere of its predecessor. Only this time, the game swaps sun-scorched barren land with stormy seas.

Changing Tides introduces a new protagonist, Toe. As he wakes up on his ship, this lone boy realizes in dismay his home has turned into a hostile environment. To find a new beginning, Toe must sail across this flooded world and discover its mysteries along the way. So, captain your vessel to navigate storms, dive into the high seas to salvage precious resources, and solve puzzles to keep your ship going. With its dynamic soundtrack and reflective moments, this atmospheric indie title is also the perfect meditative experience to blow off some steam after a long, exhausting day.


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