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Tencent And The Pokémon Company To Make New Pokémon Games

It looks like gamers are in for a slew of mobile or MMO-like titles, but more specifically Pokémon themed titles in those genres. According to a new report, Tencent’s TiMi Studio is teaming up with The Pokémon Company to bring forth a series of new games.

TiMi Studio is known for making MMOs and mobile games such as 2012’s Age of Gunslingers Online, 2015’s Wangzhe Rongyao, and 2017’s Arena of Valor. Well, it looks like the company will be back at it again with the help of The Pokémon Company — the ones responsible for brand management, production, marketing and licensing of the Pokémon franchise.

According to, the website picked up on an announcement over on that the Chinese gaming giant plans on working with The Pokémon Company. However, the announcement offers no other details.

This partnership between the two may be shrouded in mystery in terms of what games they’ll make and what platforms they’ll release on, but I’ll tell you that each of these new Pokémon games by Tencent’s TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company is likely going to be mobile-like games.

It’s also worth mentioning that microtransactions, some form of loot-boxes, and other live-service mechanics will likely be in these games to maximize profits. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see how the slew of games handle their MTX at launch.

Anyway, looking back to Games Industry’s report, this isn’t the first time The Pokémon Company teamed up with Chinese developers:

“This is the latest in a string of recent major partnerships The Pokémon Company has sought with eastern mobile developers. In May, it announced it would work with DeNA on Pokémon Masters, a mobile title planned for launch before the end of the current financial year. Also that month, The Pokémon Company struck a deal with NetEase for the Chinese developer to release Pokémon Quest in China, and a localized Pokémon Go release is allegedly still in the works.”

So what does this all mean? Well, it means that a bunch of Tencent owned Pokémon games will likely flood the mobile market.

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