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Forza Horizon 4 Cheats: Infinite Money, Freeze AI

Playground Games’ Forza Horizon 4 seemed like it was somewhat of a fan-favorite when it hit the marketplace back in 2018 for the Xbox One and Windows 10. It was probably due to the vibrant colors, cool cars, and the electronic fusion soundtrack. Well, despite its age the game still has a solid enough community, some of whom aren’t too fond of grinding through the game to get what they want, and so there are some updated cheats Forza Horizon 4 Cheats available for you.

The first cheat trainer is freely available for download from Mr. Antifun. It only contains a single Forza Horizon 4 cheats and it’s to freeze the AI. This is specifically for single-player races when you aren’t racing against other players.

The trainer was updated to accommodate the latest version of the game on the Windows Store. So if the previous versions of the trainer didn’t work, you can grab this most recent version to help with your single-player exploits, much like Skrillix Wolf’s video on how to gain unlimited credits.

There’s another trainer offering free and premium options over on

Opponents maximum 4th gear

Opponents maximum 3rd gear

Opponents maximum 2nd gear

Opponents maximum 1st gear

Unfortunately, the trainer only allows you to modify your opponents’ gears. Now the benefit of this is that it means the AI stays competitive, but it also means that you don’t have to worry about them getting too far ahead if you’re playing on the harder difficulty settings. You could, for instance, keep all of your AI opponents stuck in 1st gear while you zip around the track and complete the laps in record time. Winning both coins and cars along the way without having to put in the stress or strain that comes with unlocking all of the grindtastic content.

Now of course it doesn’t need to be said but I’ll say it anyway: this is not something you want to use online. You plop this bad boy on while racing against others and you’ll find yourself in a heap of trouble and locked in the tower of troublemakers, which basically means your online account will go kaput. And keep in mind that your Xbox Live account shares with your Windows 10 account, so it’s goodbye to both, baby.

There’s another trainer available over on Cheat Happens.

The Forza Horizon 4 cheats featured in the trainer are listed below:

Super Acceleration

Super Brakes


Freeze Opponents

Opponents Spinout

While the cheat trainer is part of premium membership, the trainer options offer the ability to jump, freeze opponents, and make use of super acceleration and super brakes.

This is the only trainer that seems to allow you to actually modify the car mechanics rather than just stopping your opponents or giving you a bunch of free credits.

Cheat Happens also updated the trainer recently to work with the latest update for the game, both for the individual version on Windows 10 and the one available as part of Game Pass. With the Play Anywhere crossover, it also means that you could use the cheat trainer to make some mad gains in the career mode and then transfer your saved data over to the Xbox version. Theoretically.

And finally, there’s a free cheat table that you can download courtesy of STN from over on Fearless Revolution.

There’s only one cheat available via the table and it’s for infinite credits. In order to use it, you need to enter into the game, go into the driving mode, pause the game by bringing up the in-game menu, and once you see the credits, you should note that they will become infinite. Once this happens you’ll need to disable the trainer and head back into the game.

Now unlike the Cheat Happens trainer, this doesn’t have a built-in block for multiplayer content. This means that you will have to manually stay offline to make use of this trainer. If you go online to use it, Microsoft will likely flag your account and ban your Xbox Live ID, both for Windows 10 and Xbox One. So take note, if you do not want to get banned, do not use the Forza Horizon 4 trainers while playing online.

The new Forza Horizon 5 game takes place in the United States, specifically in fictional depictions of real world places like New York City, Seattle, and Coral Gables.

Forza Horizon 5 features over 450 licensed cars for you to enjoy obsessing over. That’s easily more than any other Forza game ever! You can pick your favorite car, with our help – forza horizon 5 trainer. Otherwise, have fun with the cheats!

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