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Warner Bros. Opens Up New Mobile Studio That Focuses On Free-To-Play Games

It’s a no-brainer for big publishers and developers (or for that matter smaller creators) to go mobile in an attempt to laugh all the way to the bank, especially when the mobile games in question happen to be free-to-play titles you can fill them to the brim with microtransactions. Well, the notorious Warner Bros. are at it again by creating a new studio in San Diego, California that’s all about free-to-play mobile games.

According to a new report by, Warner Bros. are looking to capitalize on the mobile market given that you can put out half a game and it can make back more money and then some, notably when MTX and other paid/Gacha elements are tacked on.

Here’s a piece of the write-up explaining Warner Bros. plans on exploring mobile free-to-play games:

“Warner Bros has opened a brand new development studio in the US city of San Diego.


Following the publisher’s ongoing success in mobile, the new outlet will be dedicated to making games for smart devices — specifically free-to-play titles.”

To hammer home the idea that free-to-play mobile games bring in mad amounts of money, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment president, David Haddad, reveals that mobile games such as Game of Thrones: Conquest and Golf Clash have boosted the company to become “one of the top-grossing publishers on mobile.”

The publication site makes mention that the San Diego team or studio will be headed up by Tom Casey. Folks who are keen or follow Casey will know he is also vice president and studio head at WB Games. In other words, Casey will fill both roles at the same time.

Like any other new studio, the website reports that the San Diego studio is looking for people to fill roles to help make free-to-play mobile games. In the meantime, expect the usual predatory practices from this studio and the typical MTX bait-and-switch tactics.

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