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Blizzard Loses Mitsubishi Sponsor After Sanctioning Hearthstone Champ For Supporting Hong Kong

Blizzard has lost a major advertiser according to recent reports, with Mitsubishi Motors Taiwan pulling out just ahead of BlizzCon following Blizzard’s actions against the Hearthstone e-sports championing, Chung “blitzchung” Ng Wai, for speaking up in support of the Hong Kong protestors.

According to MMORPG, a spokesperson for Mitsubishi, Erica Rash, revealed in a statement that the company had pulled out of a sponsorship deal with Blizzard. A passage from the Daily Beast article reads…

“Two days after the company announced that it would ban Hong Kong-based professional Hearthstone player Chung Ng Wai, Mitsubishi Motors Taiwan ended its sponsorship of Blizzard’s esports events, according to Erica Rasch, a spokesperson for Mitsubishi.”

This comes just a week before BlizzCon, which is scheduled to take place in early November. The company has been reeling from a lot of pushback from the community over how they handled the Hong Kong protests, namely punishing players and commentators for championing liberty and freedom.

There were even rumors circulating that Blizzard had canned their Q&A session at BlizzCon, as reported by TheQuartering.

For a short time Blizzard was trending all over the news with hashtags #BoycottBlizzard and #BlizzardBoycott due to them initially firing the two commentators who were present when blitzchung yelled out “Liberate Hong Kong!” in a post-game interview after winning the Hearthstone championship.

Blizzard partially reneged by rehiring the casters but suspending them for six months along with blitzchung, even though the casters literally did nothing wrong. In fact, the casters did nothing at all but snicker when blitzchung made the statement.

In any case, it looks like all the negative press and congressional backlash is starting to catch up with the company and they’re beginning to lose some sponsorship deals in result of siding with Communists. It’s funny how Blizzard wants to reap the benefits of Capitalism while championing the censorship of Communism.

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