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Watch Dogs Legion Brand Manager Disparages Gamer For Not Liking Stormzy’s Racist Scholarship

Watch Dogs Legion brand and marketing manager, Andrien Gbinigie, spends an inordinate amount of time on Twitter, oftentimes pushing sociopolitical messages that alienate the vast majority of normal people. Recently, Gbinigie peeped into a thread from a member of personal injury lawyers, ridiculing her for calling out a scholarship from a rapper named Stormzy for being racist.

What made the scholarship racist? Because it’s only available for blacks. So it’s not possible for hard-working students of other races to receive the scholarship. It’s discrimination via exclusion.

At first Gbinigie responded to the tweet on December 22nd, 2019 with the typical Left-wing meme calling his ideological antagonist a “clown”.

Essentially, Gbinigie had no argument against the claims of Stormzy’s scholarship being racist. Instead of attempting to prove that it’s not, Gbinigie opted to discredit her tweet with a poorly formed and unintelligent meme.

Someone decided to confront Gbinigie for supporting Stormzy’s racist scholarship, and Gbinigie responded with vile and unprofessional profanity.

But take into consideration that Gbinigie regularly posts inflammatory content on Twitter, oftentimes race-baiting or centering content solely around race, such as claiming that actors of Jewish descent are “important” for the role of Marvel’s Moon Knight with a tweet on December 24th, 2019.

That’s not to mention that he appears to have no qualms about supporting and promoting race-mixing.


This is the person in charge of marketing Watch Dogs.

This also very much explains why Ubisoft is in shambles and why they keep moving further and further away from attracting hardcore gamers with their content.

When the people being brought in are diversity hires and when they actively and openly promote racial hostilities toward others, there’s really no surprise why Ubisoft’s latest offerings have been tanking on the market. With people like Gbinigie under their employ, don’t expect the sales trend to change anytime soon.

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