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Battlefield V Multiplayer Producer Announces Departure From DICE

Most of Electronic Arts veterans or well-known devs are leaving, and that includes the multiplayer producer over Battlefield V, David Sirland. Credited with saving Battlefield 4 with DICE LA and doing other things like participating in the Community Map Project, Sirland is gearing up to leave DICE and will later offer his thoughts on what he would have changed with Battlefield V.

Back in October of 2019, we reported that when EA and DICE revealed Battlefield V, many boycotted the game because of the social justice diversity, the departure of what made Battlefield “Battlefield,” the devs’ smug mentality to say things like “if you don’t like it, then don’t buy it,” mocking gamers and fans of Battlefield at a launch party, and other things like delays, shallow content, and broken features.

After hackers ruined some games for PC goers, and others around the world not being able to play the battle royale mode, Firestorm, due to a lack of players, outlined a grim future for Battlefield V.

With all of that said, it looks like EA’s BioWare isn’t the only company bleeding veteran talent in that DICE is losing quite a bit too.

This includes people like Patrick Söderlund, Battlefield’s producer Jojje Dalunde, global community manager Dan Mitre, and now multiplayer producer David Sirland.

Website reports that Sirland announced on the Battlefield subreddit that he’s resigning from the company on March 3rd, 2020.

Furthermore, Sirland used his time on the subreddit to answer fan questions concerning Battlefield V and what’s next for him. The website notes Sirland’s response to one commenter saying that getting out of DICE is a higher priority than team balance to which his reply sits below:


The website also highlights Sirland saying that in due time he’ll offer his honest opinion on the state of Battlefield V and working on the FPS game:


Finally, Sirland notes that his title will still be the same, but his occupation will be in a different place. In other words, the game is likely a multiplayer, always-online title.

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