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NieR Orchestra’s March Concert Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

Square Enix’s music department sent out word that the NieR: Theatrical Orchestra concert set to take place between March 28th and March 29th has been cancelled due to the growing concerns over the coronavirus.

Twitter user Miraculous Maku shared an English version of the tweet on February 28th, 2020 explaining that the March event set to take place in Tokyo, Japan had been cancelled, but the event scheduled to take place in Osaka, Japan in late April is still on.

In the Square Enix tweet they have an itinerary for the concert dates, explaining that the March dates have been cancelled due to the spread of coronarivus.

The Coronavirus Countermeasure Task Force has been assiduously putting out notices and strongly enforcing public events to postpone or cancel for the time being until they can safely quarantine the spread of the contagion.

There’s additional information about the orchestra’s concert dates and the shuffling around of when it will be playing over on the official website. As mentioned they state that the April concert is still set to take place, but even it may end up getting cancelled if the contagion continues to spread…

“The Osaka performance scheduled to be held on April 25 (Saturday) is scheduled to be held at this stage, but we will carefully consider the future situation and announce it again on the official website.”

To Japan’s credit, it at least looks like they’re taking the coronavirus serious and aren’t sloth-footing around like what happened in China, South Korea, and many other regions where they refused to implement proper quarantine measures because they listened to fatalistic journalists who claimed that proper security protocols were “racist”.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02 and Miraculous Maku)

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