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1480340cookie-checkTencent Wants To Target Japanese Anime And Manga To Bolster Its Portfolio, Says Reports
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Tencent Wants To Target Japanese Anime And Manga To Bolster Its Portfolio, Says Reports

As of recent, two websites have received word from multiple Tencent employees discussing how the Chinese mega-conglomerate wants to target Japanese anime and manga to bolster its portfolio in the foreseeable future.

Back on June 6th, 2020, we reported on Tencent wanting to invest $70 billion in various fields in the next five years to bolster its future initiatives. Well, it looks like one of those initiatives includes Japanese anime and manga, according to two sites that have received word from Tencent employees.

The first website is, and it elaborates on Tencent’s vision and how it seeks to promote a Marvel Universe-like multimedia campaign that focuses on turning “celebrated anime and manga comic book heroes” and story-lines into “video games.” You can read about the above right here:

“Tencent’s vision is to help set up Marvel Universe-like multimedia franchises, with a focus on turning celebrated anime and manga comic book heroes and story lines into video games, squeezing the most out of each bit of intellectual property. With its control of WeChat, China’s go-to multifunctional messaging platform, the company has a significant advantage in cross-promoting its wares.”

After receiving word from Tencent employees, the publication site reached out to Tencent for a statement, but the company did not respond to said request.

Moreover, website also received word from a Tencent employee regarding the company wanting to have a hand in Japanese anime and manga. Here’s an excerpt from the outlet’s write-up:

“Tencent has long regarded Japanese entertainment exports as an area ripe for optimization, where better distribution and marketing strategies can generate vastly greater revenues.

[Tencet’s] new approach is to spend on becoming a favored [Japanese] partner instead, buying board seats and priority access to new content.”

The publication tried reaching out to Tencent’s gaming division for word on the current situation, but it too declined to comment.

Lastly, time will tell if any of the above will unfold and if Tencent wants Japanese anime and manga to be a part of its five-year plan to generate more revenue.

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