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Top 10 strongest Monsters in the Monster Hunter World!

The Monster Hunter franchise from Capcom is already quite famous among gamers in the world. Especially for fans who have been following this series for a long time. More than 200 kinds of monsters that you can find and fight in a fantasy world with each different nature and background.

There are so many variants that can be found in the Monster Hunter World series. The question is, of the many monsters, which one is the strongest in Monster Hunter World?

Top 10 Monster Hunter World Strongest Monsters

1. Rathalos

Rathalos Monster Hunter.

Rathalos is one of the most “senior” monsters in the Monster Hunter World. The dragon which is quite famous in this series is indeed quite popular with fans who often refer to the monster as the “King of the Sky”.

He has large wings and is ready to pounce on his prey from the sky and can spit fire breath at any time from his mouth. Not only that, but Rathalos also has a very deadly poisonous tail.

Behind his formidable abilities, Rathalos turns out to have a weakness against the elements of water, ice, and lightning.

2. Zinogre

Zinogre si ekor besar.

Zinogre is a monster who lives in mountainous areas and can emit electricity from his body that is ready to electrocute anyone who is nearby. Despite his large stature, he can maneuver with great agility.

His tail that he can throw at any time, coupled with his sharp claws makes Zinogre one of the strongest monsters in the Monster Hunter series.

Behind Zinogre’s extremely dangerous strength, he has a weakness in the ice element.

3. Nargacuga

Nargacuga Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite.

Nargacuga first appeared in the Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite series. He adapts and lives in forest areas to stalk his prey in the shadows and is ready to pounce on his prey very quickly.

Shrewd and alert to the surroundings are Nargacuga’s abilities that are very scary for their prey. Plus he has very strong muscles. Da can attack any part of his body, and the most dangerous part is his very sharp wings and tail.

Behind his ability to move quickly, Nargacuga has a weakness against several elements such as lightning and fire.

4. Mizutsune

Tigrex Monster Hunter.

Mizutsune is a monster who has a long and slender body that makes him look elegant with his trademark color. He also has hair all over his body.

His ability is to release foam and soap bubbles which makes him move faster. He can also spit water very hard from his mouth. Basically, these monsters are not very aggressive but can be very brutal and dangerous when in the breeding season.

Behind his very attractive abilities, he also has a weakness in the lightning element because he is a water monster.

5. Tigrex

Tigrex Monster Hunter.

Fierce and strong were words that perfectly described Tigrex. This one monster will try to intimidate its attackers with a very loud roar. He can also move places very quickly and skillfully.

With his sharp claws and fangs, he can catch his prey easily and can take advantage of his surroundings to become a weapon.

With his strength and ability to take advantage of the surrounding conditions, Tigrex actually became quite terrifying. Unfortunately, like other monsters, he has a weakness against the lightning element.

6. Diablos

Almudron Monster Hunter Rise.

Extremely aggressive and wild, Diablos is a very dangerous herbivorous monster. He likes to eat cacti in the desert and is ready to attack and chase the intruders who enter his area.

Known as the “Tyrant of the desert”, Diablos has the ability to go underground. Then he attacks from below which is very effective to kill the threat that comes to him.

Due to the effect of “comfort” living in sandy areas, Diablos also has a weakness against the ice element.

7. Almudron

Almudron Monster Hunter Rise.

Almudron is one of the newest monster variants in Monster Hunter Rise. He loves to dabble in the mud until it’s time to pounce on his prey.

The tail emits a golden liquid that can dissolve soil. It was the method Almudron used to catch his prey and pull it inside.

Almudron will produce excess liquid gold when it is angry. This monster inspired by dragons in China uses its tail to become a crushing ball. Unfortunately, he is weak against the fire element.

8. Magnamalo


Another terrible monster that has just appeared in Monster Hunter Rise is none other than Magnamalo. Its body can emit explosive gases that emerge from other monsters it consumes.

Inspired by Japanese samurai armor, he has a large and thick body. Magnamalo’s other ability is to shoot purple flames.

Despite appearing fierce, Magnamalo is not without weaknesses. You can beat him with the water element.

9. Valstrax

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Valstrax is a monster that was first introduced in the entry Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate. This slender but large stature had wings and gave off a red glow and flew far from above the sky like a comet.

He can also control his wings easily and use them as weapons. These migratory monsters can be found in many different geographies besides volcanoes.

Behind Valstrax’s abilities, he is also weak against several elements such as fire, water, lightning, and ice.

10. Anjanath

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First introduced in the Monster Hunter World series, Anjanath is a representation of Tyrannosaurus. He is an unfriendly and aggressive monster that will attack anyone.

Its strong jaws can tear its prey easily plus it can also emit fire from its mouth. Like other fire elemental monsters, he is very weak against the water element.

So, what do you think about the 10 strongest and scary monsters in the Monster Hunter World? Or is there a choice of other monsters from you guys? Don’t hesitate to comment below!

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