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9 August 2021

Can The Legend of Neverland beat Genshin Impact Success or not?

The Legend of Neverland has become an MMORPG game that has become a sensation in recent times because it is associated with Genshin Impact. All due to promotional content that displays similarities to the RPG game made by miHoYo.

Unfortunately, this awareness actually creates a negative sentiment. You see, The Legend of Neverland is considered a plagiarism game by most gamers, especially those who actually play Genshin Impact.

Well, all the facts, sensations, and controversies brought by The Legend of Neverland also invite the curiosity of gamers as well as raise big questions. Is this game actually worth playing? Or is this game just “piggybacking” on the hype of mobile RPG games that are currently trending?

The Legend of Neverland Review

Game feel like Mabinogi Fantasy Life

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When marketed, The Legend of Neverland looked very much like Genshin Impact. However, don’t be fooled by mobile game marketing content that often deceives players’ expectations. As discussed in the opening, the feel of the game is very much different from Genshin Impact.

The Legends of Neverland was originally prepared as a successor to the Mabinogi Fantasy Life game. So, don’t be surprised, if you later feel more of a resemblance to Mabinogi Fantasy Life than Genshin Impact.

If measured as the development of Mabinogi Fantasy Life, The Legend of Neverland is fairly successful. Because, the game made by GameArk Studio is indeed able to provide many improvements in terms of graphics, game exploration, and battle mechanics.

Instead of trying to imitate, The Legend of Neverland actually has the potential as an interesting MMORPG game if it dares to stand as an original game. Unfortunately, this step was not taken and GameArk did the opposite.

Feature Rich, but Monotone

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Currently, mobile MMORPG games have one problem that is almost the same, namely the lack of fresh and interesting game features. GameArk doesn’t seem to want to bother with this newest game, so the whole game feels very, very monotonous. Especially if you are a mobile MMORPG fan.

They instead decided to include similar features from many mobile MMORPG games that have been released without any changes and developments, such as a dungeon system whose map design and difficulty progression are fairly poor.

Other PvE systems such as the EXP Pool, Abyss Ruin, or Secret Corridor are no different. The design feels the same on every level. Everything is getting worse because it can be solved with the auto feature. The Class switch feature actually saves this game from “disaster”. However, in the end, everything still feels monotonous because of the other features that already feel very familiar.

In addition to its class-changing features which are quite interesting, The Legend of Neverland should be able to provide other innovations. For example, GameArk might be able to provide a team PvP feature (5 vs 5) or a raid system that can only be done without the auto feature. So, at least this game can give players a little RPG action element—rather than just watching with the auto feature alone.

Character Progress Concepts Similar to Black Desert Mobile

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Although designed as a successor to Mabinogi Fantasy Life, The Legend of Neverland actually has a character progression design that is more similar to Black Desert Mobile.

Whether inspired or trying to imitate, Black Desert Mobile players will definitely feel the similarities in terms of weapon level development, Gear Spirit level development—Miru, to the Talun system achieved based on certain requirements—starting from CP level, weapon strengthening (+) level, to Flower Fairy level.

In Black Desert Mobile, we also find the Black Spirit system that can be upgraded for many game purposes, ranging from increasing CP or game features. The Black Spirit system was very similar to the Gear Spirit system—Miru in The Legend of Neverland.

In addition, Black Desert Mobile also has a weapon upgrade system (+) that uses material stones to increase the success percentage. This system is also found in the weapon upgrade system (+) which uses Reinforcement Dust to increase the forging success percentage in The Legend of Neverland.

As the character’s strength develops, the game has a Talun system for obtaining attribute bonuses. The system is quite similar to the Resonance and Bonus Effect systems in Black Desert Mobile.

Optimal Performance, Less than Maximum Animation

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The Legend of Neverland can actually be called a fairly light game because the file size only consumes 1.4 GB. So far, I haven’t found many optimization problems that are serious enough in terms of performance.

Overall, this game can run very well. Only with a Snapdragon 625 processor and 3 GB of RAM, you are guaranteed to be able to play the game very smoothly without any problems.

However, there is one problem that is quite disturbing, namely the animation which is quite stiff or less flexible. These shortcomings are quite disturbing the playing experience. The reason is, The Legend of Neverland actually has a very interesting skill effect. It would be a pity if this potential had to run aground. Indeed, these shortcomings are seen as minor flaws—but these shortcomings slowly become very noticeable and make the fight a little clunky.

Genshin Impact “Lite”?

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At first, the impression of Genshin’s Impact in The Legend of Neverland was very strong. All due to game promo material which is quite misleading. Many people end up equating this game with Genshin Impact.

However, in this review, the author would like to emphasize that there is a huge difference between this game and Genshin Impact. In fact, the gameplay and features in it are more similar to some other MMORPG games than those in Genshin Impact.

At first glance, The Legend of Neverland does carry a fantasy world as a game setting similar to Genshin Impact. However, these similarities only reach the level of visual style.

For game mechanics, Genshin Impact carries an action mechanic that is much more solid as an action game than The Legend of Neverland which predominantly relies on auto features.

In addition, Genshin Impact also allows players to be able to change characters in the middle of a fight to produce certain battle combos. Meanwhile, The Legend of Neverland only allows players to rely on one character only—plus Fairy as a side character who can participate in issuing skills.

In terms of exploration, Genshin Impact is fairly deep because it offers many aspects of the game that can be explored, from life skill features to character builds. Meanwhile, The Legend of Neverland is quite simple as a mobile MMORPG game. In terms of exploration, it can be said that it only reaches the “skin” level when compared to Genshin Impact.

The Legend of Neverland is considered a mobile MMORPG game that is “bold” enough to be released close to the hype of Ragnarok X: Next Generation. Despite the controversy, this game actually has good potential as a successor to Mabinogi Fantasy Life.

Unfortunately, this potential has been undermined by its image as a Genshin Impact plagiarism that has already stuck, even though in reality it is very different from various sides. What’s more, this game doesn’t really imitate and instead takes the “safe” path.

They instead take a formula that has proven to be no longer effective with its very outdated gameplay and features. What do you think about the reviews above? Have you added any objections to the review? Please write your opinion in the comments column. Also, keep up with the latest information about mobile games only on Our Website, OK!

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