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4 August 2021

Top 5 Video Game Themed Slots

Here we will present you the video game themed slots machines that are great and something all of you should check, especially if you like digital games and also slots. These are many video game themed slots machine options you have at your disposal at any given moment. Just pick the one you like and enjoy it.

And in order not to worry about taxes in the online casino (オンラインカジノ 税金), choose a reliable and proven casino that you can trust. There you can play the best video game themed slots and be sure of their reliability and legality.

These are 5 best video game themed slots and the ones that have the best graphics, countless features, and obviously a detailed and nice story you will enjoy. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Tomb Raider : Lara Croft


Here we have one of the most exciting video game themed slots games based on a game and a movie. The slot is extremely desirable and comes with five reels and 15 pay-lines. You can win up to 7500 coins and free spins, additional options, and a stunning user interface are all provided. The game franchise was improved with this title a while back and it became a massive hit. Due to its overall popularity and the fact you can play it almost anywhere these days, there is no need to tell you more about it. You can also check out the hitman slot inspired if you like that more. You can see the logo as one of the symbols.



This is 5 reels and 20 payline options that are very popular. It is based on a small game that dates a while back. In it, the goal is to match the balls of the same color and destroy them. This is one of the best games and one of the best slots period. As a result, we have a top video game themed development that is loaded with perks. Users can get scatter, multiplier, FS and so much more. It has been very popular on mobile phones and it still is. If you want to choose the right online gaming platform this is an easy task and yes, you can enjoy this title no matter what you choose.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Gamers love Call of Duty and they believe this is the best video game themed slot of all time. The game comes with a dark theme, just like the main title. There is a clear advantage here. You can enjoy a suitable and ideal user interface and also bombs that will destroy symbols and replace them with new ones. Of all themes, this has to be the best. There are different themes that developed, but this one makes the game ideal and one of the best slots, period. Video themed slot machines are widely available and can be played on any device. There are no movies with this theme which is a shame. It is not a puzzle game and it can offer you a bonus game if you like the best experience. It is a good idea to test it out right now. As some of you will know, the original title has the best and most realistic graphics of them all. Yes, bonus rounds are available in this and many other slot games so as a fan, you can get the best of both worlds.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Players who like a scary game and who think that slot Lara Croft is too casual and relaxing will love this option. It is based on one of the best horror titles of all time and it is one of the game machines like no other. You have stunning symbols, features, UI in general and so much more all one spin away from you. The machine game is one of the most appealing games on this list and one of those that use slot themes loaded with scary details. There are many sequels to this title and we believe that new ones will be added, as soon as newer versions are released by the team of official developers. This makes gambling even more appealing. Of course, bonuses are available and you can even play it for free which is called a demo version. You get the same features but all for free and without a need to deposit any investment.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter

Yes, this is an available option as well. Here the main characters are the icons and you can get a bonus. Most casinos do offer this title making it easy to find and enjoy. Of all slots and all games we were able to find, this one can be the most appealing for gamers who want just one thing. To play alongside the famous characters. In general, it is one of the video slots that we all like and one of many games you will want to try out.

ConclusionVideo Game Themed Slots

Video game themed slots is simply said, slots that have a detailed and more specific base than any other. These are special developments. They are based on some of the best games and they are still something that most players want to play as long as they can. The Raider slot game is just one of many examples. Anyway, now you know the details and it is up to you to choose the one you find appealing. Luckily there are a lot of options to choose from.

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