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Honest Review: Quake (2021 Remastered)

Can you believe I never got into Quake? Doom was an important game for me as a child. I have played 3D Wolfenstein several times, and I’m not even so fond of it. I touched Quake. It’s one of the most impressive shooters of the 1990s. It was the last game of the classic id software game left by Sandy Petersen and John Romero. It was a unique engine to get smooth 3D visuals on a PC before 3D accelerators became generally available. If you want to understand the development of PC shooter, you don’t have to overlook it.

I never took the time to have Quake work on my modern hardware. I would need to shift it to a source port that is not the best that seems to exist. It just tires me to think about it.

Then we’re given a remaster suddenly. Thank you, NightDive Studios! Thank you. I can finally play as I want to Quake. On my switch, I can even play it! The timeless story of some military guy fighting monsters is Quake’s narration. It’s like Doom, basically, except for more Lovecraft and less satan.

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It was difficult for the ID Software guys to do wrong, and they did what they did best: push technologies and use them to blast horrors. It’s dead simple, with most techniques being mobile. A fast-paced community would then flourish around the game and the unorthodox skill of rocket jumping, but if you see the credit, it rarely becomes more complex than simply blasting anything in your way. Several things the remaster does.

Quake Remastered

Quake moved to the Kex engine, adding graphic effects such as real-time lighting and ambient occlusion. In addition, some models have been upgraded slightly, and while it usually gives me a break if updated models are jammed into an old game, they fit so well that I have never had the momentum to disable them. However, the option is there. It is an option if you want to disable all the fancy effects and play the game like it was in 1996.

It also combines the expansions Armagon, Eternity’s dissolution, and 2016 Past dimension. Besides, it is another expansion, the machine dimension, developed by Machinegames. It’s a lot of Quake. Quake a lot.

There is also a lot of difference between the various expansions. All right, perhaps I shouldn’t oversell it. A weakness of Quake is that the levels are all very similar thematically, but some episodes use one enemy set or level subject more than others. The strongest is the machine’s dimension, which links many modern designs and relatively complex environments. While there may be some weaker parts of the package, it is valuable to play through them because they are not all the same.

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 I think my biggest fuss about Quake is that there’s not much diversity compared to something like Doom already missing. Strangely enough, the addition of jumping did not give a greater sense of verticality. The levels are not mechanically exactly interchangeable but certainly aesthetically.

Quake Remastered

Probably because of the troubled development. While the team was focused on producing a fun product, a lack of leadership was complained of. During its creation, the central concept of Quake changed so many times that it is no marvel. Love craftsmanships, cyborgs, and demons all assault you against medieval castles, military sci-fi bases, and crumbling ruins.

It makes it feel like Quake doesn’t have an identity of his own, but it’s usually lost when you tear the levels. It’s fun, even all these years later, because sometimes you want to blow things into pieces, and the setup is pointless. If you’re down for it, there are also multi-players, both split-screen and online, both co-op and adversary.

There will also be add-ons, not unlike the ports of the Doom console. These are essentially curated mods that are available. Quake 64, which is a little underwhelming, is the only one to start. I mean, it’s a nice extra because I wouldn’t play it back-to-back with the original because the N64 version had some merits. They are too similar. They are too similar.

Quake Remastered

My first full Quake play was a pretty pleasant experience. This port is not only a solid effort, and it goes beyond what is expected. It is also still a great game. Perhaps not Doom great, maybe not even Duke Nukem 3D great, but there is space for all kinds of 90’s shooter aromas in this world.

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