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Art and Writing – The Most Important Currents of the 21st Century

Have you ever wondered about the connection between art and writing? In fact, these two have a lot in common. Let’s consider it in more detail!

What’s similar?

First of all, both art and writing require creativity. To become a really good artist or writer, you must use your creative juices. People of these professions always have to think out of the box to produce original works. They should view things from an unusual perspective in order to evoke some emotions in people. What’s more, artists and writers must have incredible imagination to create their unique style that sets them apart from their colleagues. Imagination can be viewed as a vehicle that takes creative people to their destination.

It’s an obvious fact that artists create pictures, but not everyone realizes that writers do the same. While artists literally paint their pictures with a brush, writers use their words as a tool. So two different methods can create the same image. Another thing that both art and writing share in common is attention to detail. Writers need to proofread their works, so there are no errors or missing words, while artists have to make sure that they use the right tones and appropriate lines. As you see, art and writing are two fields that overlap in some aspects.

Are literature and art still important?

One of the key points in everybody’s life is when one needs to choose the field to study. In fact, this choice will predict the future career path for many years. In the days of STEM, it’s a real dilemma whether Humanities are worth studying. We live in a highly digitized world, where computers and Artificial Intelligence have penetrated each life sphere. Today, everything is estimated by the numbers and economic imperialism has become the mode of power. So do art or literature still have a value these days? The answer is below.

The discussions about the role of literature and art date centuries back. The debates started in times of ancient Greek civilization when Plato stated that poets must be banished from the Republic. Why did he reject this kind of art? Because of the belief that poetry has nothing to do with truth, it’s just an imitation of reality. Some people still share that criticism, saying that art and literature are all about imagination, having no applications in the real world. On the contrary, Aristotle believed that exposure to art leads people to knowledge, which all of us are longing for by nature. The philosopher said that art stimulates the cognition process, with the help of which we can understand the world better. By the way, if you got a college assignment on a similar topic and you don’t have time to complete it, you can turn to, which is a custom writing service for students. Professional writers working there can write any kind of paper for you, while sticking to your specific academic requirements. You can be sure that your order will be delivered on time, so don’t worry about breaking the deadlines.

Getting back to the topic, art and literature are very personal but yet extremely universal. They enable all human beings to transcend time, space and the barriers of culture. With their help, we can get access to something that is centuries and miles apart. Art and literature provide us with information about particular periods in history and the lives of world-renowned figures. We can explore all that on an emotional level and understand what deep impulses drove people at different times. Although writers and artists don’t produce outcomes that can be estimated in numbers or money, they are raising a voice, which questions deeply rooted ideologies. They help us examine, reflect, argue and debate existing political issues that affect the nation, which is very important for democracy. Sometimes, artists and writers are called  “armchair revolutionaries” or “armchair activists” because their works are considered the driving forces of major social and political movements. For example, The Feminine Msytique created by Betty Friedan’s in 1963 is believed to empower the movement of second-wave feminists.

Final thoughts

Although art and writing have major political implications, their objective is much higher. Both of them inspire people and elevate our spirit as well as broaden our mental horizons. Literature and art also grant us fresh perspectives and help to deeper understand the intricacies and complexities of life. Some people consider these two as means of escapism, which is so necessary in the mundane routines of everyday life. That’s why art and writing are still some of the most important currents in the 21st century.

Author’s BIO

Robert Griffith is a writer and literary critic. He compares and analyses works of literature created in different time periods. Robert also writes novels that become best-sellers as well as short stories for popular literary magazines.

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