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The Easiest Games for Newbies

With the rise of casino games and gambling, there are numerous casino games for newbies to enjoy. These games are pretty easy to gain a footing in the gambling world and graduate to the more complex ones with time. The online casino industry has also witnessed a surge owing to the flexibility it affords players and the convenience of playing from mobile devices. A lot of newbies are joining the gambling trend, and there are a couple of games for them to enjoy to get the hang of how the entire system works. In this article, we present to you 6 of the easiest games for newbies you can find at Whether you choose to play online or at a real-world casino, these are the easiest games to play. 

1. Slot Games 

Easily dubbed the simplest, slot games are so popular it’s almost strange to have people unaware of them. It’s best for newbies since the process just involves clicking start or pressing the spin button on the live slot machine. Slot machines give players the impression of skill or control of the game by having buttons. The reels then begin to spin, and if you’re lucky to have all symbols queued up on the pay lines, you’re a winner. It’s that simple and stress-free; no need to rack your brain for tricks, even though you might have to do that later on. One of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of a slot machine game is the near-miss.

Some tips for newbies on playing slot games: 

  • Look out for free spins on sign-ups;
  • Make sure you bet enough to be eligible for the jackpots;
  • Always play within your budget;
  • Utilise the demo versions of the game; 
  • Check reviews and learn from some basic strategies in gambling.

Online, it’s a world of variety as there are numerous slot games to be played. Amid the lot, you can find a handful with some of the most mouthwatering jackpots and take your chances with them. 

2. Roulette 

Roulette is another popular game for newbies that’s so easy to learn. It’s practically a no-brainer table game that involves betting on either red or black and waiting for the wheel to spin. After spinning and it settles on the colour you picked, you can scream your shout of victory because you’ve won. 

The best way to play this game is, to begin with, the 50/50 bets. With this bet, you have 18 reds and 18 blacks which gives you a 50% chance of winning. Alternatively, you can predict an even or odd number to come up in the 50/50 style. You can take chances by placing the chip on any of the numbers and allowing the wheel to roll to your luck. If you’re successful, you’ll win more than what you bargained for, and it’s a happy day for a newbie. 

3. Blackjack

This is similar to the roulette game but has to be done with cards. It’s pretty much easy when you get to play it. Here, you have to aim at 21 without going bust, which is an ace that’s either 1 or 11. 

Going forward, in the blackjack, only kings, queens, and jacks are valued, so there’s a fine probability you’d end up with a ten by your next card. So when you get your starting hand, find out what’s in the dealer’s up card. Assuming his downcard will likely be a ten, proceed in like manner. Consequently, if he has an 8 or 9, you can safely shoot for a higher number, but if he has lower digits, you can shoot for any number with the likelihood that he’s going to bust. It’s mostly enjoyed at a land-based casino, not online, but some do play it online and enjoy it. 

4. Baccarat 

Baccarat is an exciting game, full of suspense and intrigue! While this might seem pretty complex from the perspective of a newbie, it’s actually very easy to play. Every round presents you with options to bet on the player, banker, or tie. The banker has the least edge standing at 1.06%, followed by the player with 1.24%, and the tie steals the highest probability at 14.36%. This makes it easy if you want to stay in the middle with your chances by betting on the player. The same goes for the tie and banker. It’s that easy. This game is also popular, and you can play it at any trusted online casino in Australia. 

5. Casino War 

This game is also easy and relatable if you used to play card wars at any point in your life. So in this game, you’ve slammed a card while the casino is also given one. If you’re lucky enough for the value of your card to surpass that of the value the dealer has, you’re the winner. It goes the other way round, where the dealer has a higher value on his card, and you’re the loser. 

Sometimes the values could be the same, and it’s a tie. So you’ll have to choose between splitting up your stakes or going back to war. If you’re splitting up your stakes, the rest of it returns to you. However, should you decide to go to war, you and the dealer will receive one more card each since you’ll both double up your bets. When the both of you receive your cards, and you win, you only win for the second bet, and your original stake is given back to you, but if you lose, you lose both stakes. 

6. Keno 

This is another easy game to play for newbies. It pretty much works like the lottery because you’ll have to pick numbers from 1 to 80. It’s largely dependent on luck here because the machine uses a random number generator to select its numbers after yours and if the numbers that it selected matched the ones that you did, you’re a winner. If it doesn’t, you’ve lost. However, you need to have all your numbers match that of the machine’s choice; just a few of them, and you’re a winner. 

Since it’s random, it’s just luck you need to have by your side. Regardless of the numbers you pick, you can either win or lose. You can also have the machine choose the numbers for you on autoplay if you don’t want to do it yourself. 

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