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Best headset for warzone

Having the best pc for Warzone will not feel complete if you don’t have the best headset for Warzone to level up your game like a pro.

Players in the Call of Duty Warzone can be considered experienced players. Therefore, there’s a trick for you to get competitive in this kind of game. One of them is by using a Headphone or headset to pinpoint the enemies’ location using the sound that they make.

There are so many headphones or headsets out there that you can choose from, but sometimes we stumble into difficulties as choices are hard. Some might be the same but somehow different from one another. And that’s why I am here to save you from the confusion!

here is the compilation of the 7 best headsets for the warzone game! as well as two honorable mentions just for your reference.

Got a bit disclaimer for you guys, because this list is purely from my reference and perhaps different from yours. But I really do want to hear your reference as well so we can give a better opinion to the players out there who look for the best headset for playing the FPS game like the Call of Duty Warzone.

How to Choose the Best Headset for Warzone?

Before we dive into the list, let’s see how we can choose the best warzone headset for you because it’s quite important to know what’s the perfect headset to play the Call of Duty Warzone game.

What You Must Consider?

What to look for in a gaming headset would be its features. The headset needs to be at least stereo, that is of course. then, you can consider having something more advanced – I’m talking the surround sound technology which can give a clearer in-game footstep location better than the normal one. If the surround sound that you look for, then the high-end gaming headset will surely get that tech, although can get a little bit pricey.

Connections, Wired or Wireless?

Nowadays, there are gaming headsets that come either wired or wireless. This one is actually the same because the wireless technology has been advanced so people can enjoy gaming without worrying about the sound delay. Although that is the case, the wireless headphones get a limited battery life and definitely need to charge it sometimes. In this case, wired headsets can be a good option. But because it’s wired, please mind the cable wink.

Consider, Weight and Material

Yes. That is definitely crucial for your gaming headset. Especially if we talk about playing games for hours, the weight and material will determine how long the headset can last on your head. If you don’t fancy something heavier, you can get the plastic-based headset which is also cheaper as well. There are also headsets that come in a combination of steel and aluminum materials. It’s a bit pricey but offers maximum durability.

Also please note that there are variations of wire for the headsets. I suggest the 3.5 jack or the USB cable so it can be used in different kinds of consoles.


If you love playing a battle royale game with your friend, the mic quality is crucial for your team’s battle. The standard one might be enough but you can also get a mic with noise cancellation features. This will give your allies a better voice without any distortion, hence increasing the gaming experience.

Your Budget

Now for the final. Well, getting gaming headsets can be one of the requirements to play the battle royale game like call of duty warzone. getting the best headset might be a good choice, but everything will go down to the amount of your budget. It’s a wise thing to consider getting what you can afford, but it’s wiser to save money to get the best headset as your partner. that being said, the wireless gaming headsets can be a good option, but the wired ones are cheaper to get and you also don’t need to worry about battery life.

So then, you know what to get to play the call o duty warzone game, then let’s jump into the compilation of the best gaming headsets your money can buy!

Best PC Headset For Warzone

best headset for warzone

Our first list began with the Turtle Beach headset, the one that can be used to play the call of duty warzone game or any other battle royale game. The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Performance Gaming Headset, gives you quite a design with durable material with drivers that produce high audio quality, in a price range that is reasonable. Equipped with a metal headband for durability and a comfortable headband and ear cups as well. Comes with a tech that they called ProSpecs Glasses-relief System for your comfort, especially during long gaming sessions. This tech is intended for gamers with glasses.

Going inside is the 50mm Nanoclear driver that can deliver the sound in good clarity. The Over-ear speakers will make sure it will be harder to hear the external disturbance. the built-in Mic is also built with noise-canceling tech through their TruSpeak technology, which lets you speak clearly with your teammates without any distortion. The price of around $150, makes it a good headset to consider.

Best PS5 Headset For Warzone

Best PS5 Headset For Warzone

From the PC to your favorite console – the PlayStation5. Comes with what you can say is one of the best-wired headsets for your Ps5 especially if we talk about playing a battle royale game that requires a clearer sound with a balance between clarity and resolution. Yes, I’m talking about the Turtle Beach Recon 500.

the design itself doesn’t really describe the essence of gaming headsets, but it has the quality to be the one. Featuring the 60mm Eclipse Dual Drivers which are rarely seen, these can deliver a better sound quality than the standard single driver stereo driver. Equipped also with a detachable mic with TruSspeak and noise cancellation technology.

Comes in a price range under $100, and the Turtle Beach Recon 500 definitely worth getting especially if we mention the above tech that you will get. Plus it’s wired so you don’t need to worry about battery life. Just keep playing and going.

Best Xbox Series X Headset For Warzone

Best Xbox Series X Headset For Warzone

Microsoft’s own Xbox Wireless Headset is something that you need to look for if you play the Xbox Series X. This wireless headset will accompany you in your warzone gaming session, without worrying to get uncomfortable.

Created in a very simple design with black color with a green line on the ear cups, the Xbox Wireless Headset has only one purpose – to company you with your gaming activities as well as working as it can be paired with Microsoft Laptop as well. Complete with big cushions that are covered with leatherette for comfort and durability, a volume dial on the right, and a microphone on the left.

The Xbox Wireless Headset has so many features that result in excellent sound quality. I’m talking about tech like Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone to create a great virtual surround sound technology. In the price range of $100, I can say the Xbox Wireless Headset is the best gaming headset for your console. Plus 15 hours of battery life is definitely a kick! but always remember to charge it before reaching zero percent.

Best Competitive Gaming Headset For Warzone

Best Competitive Gaming Headset For Warzone

What are the best gaming headsets for competitive gaming? yap, the headsets that have features to help you win the game. Therefore, Razer Kraken V3 Pro can be the answer. Instead of the old green color, the Kraken V3 Pro comes in black color and RGB lighting on each of the ear cups, mixed with cushions that are made from two different materials for your comfort in a long gaming session.

Take a peek inside the cups, you’ll see the 50mm titanium driver with THX Spatial Audio for the surround sound. This tech will make sure you can keep on track in understanding the enemies’ position. to add more, the Kraken V3 Pro got Stereo Haptics that increase the surround sound sensitivity, and Real-time Haptics to make sure the device is easily used without any software. Also comes with a detachable mic which also features noise cancellation. Price-wise? it’s around $200-ish but you will get a good battery life, build quality and the most important thing is the high audio quality.

Best Budget Headset For Warzone

Best Budget Headset For Warzone

A good budget gaming headsets mean something that is cheap but packed with useful features at a price that is bargainable. If you look for this type of headset, then the Eksa E100 will become your partner.

The Exa E1000 is a futuristic-looking headset with a hexagonal design on each ear cup as well as the RGB gradient lights. Don’t be fooled by the cover, because the E1000 is packed with 7.1 surround sound. Excellent sound, able to map your enemy’s footstep with no worries with its high-quality sound. Furthermore, it features a USB cable that will work with notorious platforms like the Playstation 5, its Rival the Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch, and it without a doubt will work with PC and Mac as well. Price range? it is under $40 so, it’s a bargain!

Best Wired Gaming Headset for Warzone

Best Wired Gaming Headset for Warzone

Razer BlackShark V2 comes as one of the best-wired gaming headsets that you can buy, something that is totally different from Razer’s own Kraken V3 Pro. I mean, the BlackShark is good, comes with the technology that compliments your long gaming sessions.

Comes in an oval-shaped ear cups design and in a totally matte-black color. The design itself is very simple, but the quality is the one that takes the spotlight here. I’m talking about the Razer Triforce 50mm Drivers which deliver a high-quality sound and its 7.1 surround sound technology with the THX Spatial Audio makes it a perfect match. thanks to that, you can easily hear the enemy’s footsteps without breaking a sweat.

its detachable mic is also good as it’s equipped with Razer’s HyperClear Supercarioid mic that delivers your clear voice to the allies. Price-range? it’s under $200 but I can say it’s worth the money.

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets for Warzone

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets for Warzone

Coming up into a wireless headset is the Astro Gaming A50. It comes in a matte black color with a futuristic-looking on design. The velour material on the cushion and headband gives you total comfort, which can be used for hours and hours without being worried it will make you hurt.

the Astro Gaming A50 is, as the name implies, a gaming headset packed with great sound quality. Featuring it’s own Astro Audio V2 which helps the 40mm drivers deliver quite a clear sound without any disturbance, especially on the bass side. Also, the Dolby Audio produces a great sound quality. On the battery side, you will expect to have 15+ battery life. It means more than one day of nonstop gaming. The Astro Gaming A50 is a premium wireless headphone for those who loved hi-fi sound quality.

Best Budget Wired Headset for Warzone

615AR6BGuL. AC SL1500

Getting a limited budget cannot stop you to get a good gaming headset for your FPS Call of Duty Warzone game. If you got no option, the Logitech G332 can be a good one. It’s one of the best gaming headsets with a simple design, quite futuristic without any RGB elements on it. 

For the sound quality, Logitech G332 provides a good sound quality for your gaming. The driver is quite big which is 50mm, offering mid sound quality, quite a good resolution with an Ok bass – not too much but not too less as well. It’s one of the best-wired headsets you can get on the market with a price of around $30-40.

Wildcard: Best Gaming Headset for Warzone

Best Gaming Headset for Warzone

Coming from the company that made numerous infamous PC accessories, the Logitech G Pro X is definitely an interesting gaming headset with a design that looks like a premium headphone and, of course, gets an amazing sound quality as well. Comes with a design that looks rather like a regular audio headphone but it’s a gaming headset basically. “Created with pros and for the pros”, that’s the slogan the Logitech had for the G Pro X. The headphone itself is made from sturdy steel and aluminum in a color of matte black with an aluminum steel accent on each side.

Inside the cups lies the Pro-G 50mm drivers with an advanced version of 7.1 surround sound technology from DTS Headphone: X version 2.0. With this, hearing an enemy’s footsteps isn’t a feat anymore. It’s also equipped with Logitech’s Blue Voice removable mic is a new tech from Logitech. It has the tech like the noise cancellation and has the ability to deliver a clearer sound to your allies.

The Logitech G Pro X can be obtained in a price range around $130-ish but with that kind of built and sound quality, I can say it is worth the penny.

Best Gaming Headset for COD Warzone Overall

Best Gaming Headset for COD Warzone Overall

The Steelseries Arctic Pro is been a talk among PC gamers. with lots of positive reviews, makes it a worthy gaming headset to play the call of duty Warzone. Created in oval-shaped ear cups with the RGB lights on each of them, only had one color which is matte black so the lights will help make an accent color out of it. The color really did well to hide its steel and aluminum.

Inside its interesting cups, the SteelSeries Arctic Pro is equipped with a premium 40mm driver with neodymium magnets inside, that can produce high-resolution audio at a higher level than a standard headset. it’s also worth mentioning that it also has DTS Headphone X: v.20 and with all of that, the Arctic Pro becomes the first gaming headset with certified hi-res audio.

The Arctic Pro also got a very interesting microphone. It’s a removable mic with a noise cancellation that is recognized as the best one in the gaming industry with ClearCast tech to deliver a clear studio-quality voice to its allies, making it receive a discord certification.

among all of the tech inside the Arctic Pro, what makes it stand out is the DAC. It stands for Digital To Analog Converter. It’s something that can do more than just switch your mic or set the volume. Hence the name, it’s able to change the sound and lift up the quality. It’s one of the most important features for audiophiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gaming headset brand is the best?

Each of the Brands has its own best gaming headset – Logitech with their G Pro x, Razer with the Kraken or Blackshark, and there comes the Astro. But among all of these, Steelseries offered one of the best headsets for the Call of duty warzone game.

What headsets do pro Call of Duty players use?

To be honest, it’s have been widely discussed among the PC gamers, but Razer’s Kraken has been widely used, especially if you are gamers who made videos on YouTube. But considering the quality of SteelSeries, some gamers might choose that one too. Otherwise, Logitech offers a variety of gaming headsets that you can choose from.

What are the best headsets for footsteps?

I believe something with the 7.1 surround sound technologies. I’m talking about the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro, the Kraken and without a doubt, Steelseries Arctic Pro with DAC.

What headset do most Warzone players use?

The Razer Kraken is mostly used. I saw so many razer Kraken that is used by YouTubers around the world. It offers great audio quality and a clear microphone. Although the price can get quite pricey a bit.

Do you need a gaming headset to play Warzone?

In my opinion, well, it depends. If you play on a desktop with a stereo speaker, that would be enough. But if you want to focus to hear your footstep, then using gaming headsets will help you With that, Although using them for long hours will make you start to feel uncomfortable. So, please mind about that okay?

Does a headset help in Warzone?

Of course! especially if you want to be more focused on the game. Headsets with a stereo speaker will help a lot. Furthermore, if you can get the one with 7.1 surround sound, that would be great.

What headset do Cod pros use?

Something that is comfortable. I do see the Razer Kraken is widely used by game YouTubers, but sometimes they will get something with a surround sound. I’m talking about the Razer black shark V2 Pro or SteelSeries Arctic Pro.

Is Turtle Beach good for Warzone?

Turtle Beach is without a doubt a good warzone. It’s a stereo speaker with a high-quality driver and you can get it at a lower price than the Razer Kraken. Especially with the technology for the glasses gamers, who don’t like the Turtle Beach? I like them of course.

Is there a difference between gaming headphones and normal headphones?

The difference is actually so small between gaming and normal headphones. I can say the difference is on the design side, the gaming headphone looks a bit flashier with RGB lights on each of the cups. The rests are more or less the same in my opinion.

How long does the average gaming headset last?

It depends on how you are using it. A good and well-maintenance gaming headset will last years, especially the wired ones. The Wireless also the same but seems like it will reach the battery problem after more than a year of intense usage.

What Is Discord Certified?

A discord Certification is a stamp of approval of the company to label if the headset is used for playing games while using the Discord App. I’m talking about a clear voice delivery, especially with audio quality as the secondary factor.

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