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Where to Trade Skins for CS:GO in 2022

If you’re into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you know that trading items is an important part of its ecosystem. So no matter if you want to enhance your account or to make some money, you need a place to sell CS:GO skins. While there are many options, not all of them are created equal. But we know the place to go.

Skin Trade on CS:GO

Games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive are competitive in every way. Not only do the players show off their skills, but their style and equipment too. And while your skills depend on your talent and zeal, your outfits and accessories can be easily bought.

Valve knows the deal, that’s why it officially supports item trade on Steam (and semi-officially on third-party marketplaces). For some players, it’s part of the fun they have, and worth some money. Others monetize their playtime, so they need to care about their appearance; many streamers specialize in outfit and weapon reviews. Finally, some see this trade as no worse than any other trade if you want to make money.

No matter what you’re in it for: if cosmetics matter to you, you can try your luck and search for the items you want. 

Why DMarket?

There are always alternatives of course. But if you look closer, you will see that they are limited, and any advantages are imaginary. Let’s look at them one by one.

  • Steam: the pro is you’re already there, and it’s as official as can be. But the cons: everything else. The prices are lower than other stores and you cannot withdraw your money. It’s okay if you plan to spend it on games or content. But if you plan to earn, let off that steam.
  • Skinport: this market is okay, except for higher trade fees. But why pay more?
  • Lootbear: allows you to rent a skin for some time, but that’s its only advantage. The fees are higher and the interface is not that easy. In addition, it only works with CS:GO.

There are other stores as well, too numerous to list. All they have in common is higher fees. So in this respect at least, DMarket is a better alternative. Its advantages include:

  • Lower average prices: great if you want to buy cheaper or sell quicker
  • Many supported payment methods 
  • The option to withdraw money
  • Implemented KYC policy, which reduces the possibility of fraud
  • NFT trade enabled
  • NFT drops for watching NAVI streams. Don’t say you don’t like streams!

These features make DMarket the best candidate for trading CS:GO items.

The Final Score

CS:GO skins are more than just an entertaining feature: they are a tradable commodity. It can be a profession where you both earn and have fun. On DMarket, you can learn the basics and make a profit. Of course, you will benefit from some experience in the game. But it may turn out that skin and item trading is even more exciting.

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