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4 May 2022

eSports to Become a 2 Billion Dollar Industry

When you type “Revenue” and “eSports” into Google you might be shocked by the results.Outlet after outlet talking about the rise of eSports across the world, and the money that comes along with it. What was once a hobby for nerds, geeks. and smelly basement dwelling dorks has become a, *checks notes*, billion dollar industry. Not a million with an “M.” We are talking about billions. With a “B.” And you don’t have to look far to see why this is.

Over the past decade, gaming has become much more mainstream, and the definition of a gamer has been rewritten time and time again. 20 years ago, a gamer was someone who likely owned a home console, played quite regularly – perhaps too much?! – and was a professional at their craft. They would kick your butt in Mortal Kombat, or run you off the track in Mario Kart. They could beat Super Mario 64 in a single sitting, or pick you off with a well placed headshot in the most popular first person shooter.

But what about now – what makes you a gamer in 2022? Well, if you own something that can play a game, and you play a game on it occasionally, for all intents and purposes, you are a gamer. Yes, that goes for the soccer mom who plays candy crush during their kids games, or the businessmen or women who are playing a match 3 game on the train as they commute into the city. It goes for the kid who plays their tamagotchi daily. If you play games, you are welcome to wear the badge as a gamer, and join the ranks of the fastest growing hobby in the world.

And that has of course spread over to the world of online sports betting, called esports. Massive tournaments for League of Legends and Overwatch result in prizes in the 10s of thousands of dollars. Players and teams train – yes you heard that right, train! – for these events, have coaching staff to help out, and dedicate their life to playing games. Why? Because there is a big payday around the corner, and all of this training is likely to pay off. Some may not want to hear this, but this is a full time job!

And there are so many ways to view current opportunities, odds, and more. You can find many sites with eSports Betting and Odds like that will show you what’s coming up, odds of winners, etc. Like with real sports betting, there are so many available things to put your money on. eSports has grown so much that there are even professional eSports leagues directly tied to sporting leagues across the world. Major League Soccer has an eMLS league. The NBA has an eSports league as well. It’s crazy how quickly eSports has been latched onto by some of the worlds largest associations.

With gaming continually on the rise, you can bet that eSports will never be far behind. As more and more people become attracted to the hobby, the pools of money to be won, and the things that can be bet on by everyday viewers, will continue to rise!

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