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4 May 2022

The Best Comics about Casinos and Gambling

While gambling is a source of entertainment on its own, it is present in movies and comics. You will be amazed that gambling is a topic for many famous comics. No wonder gambling is included, as it is an exciting activity with lots of adrenaline involved. Some comics include skilled casino players, while others might have the casino setting as an excellent location for the plot. 

We create a collection of the top comics that revolve around casinos. If you want to experience casinos in other ways than playing online and winning Casino Rewards VIP, we highly recommend you check the best comics about casinos and gambling!

Psycho Gambler: Betting Man

The story reveals the life of a person with supernatural abilities. Jin-Goo takes advantage of his abilities and uses them to win gambling. The player could easily win at any poker game with his ability to see through objects. However, at a certain point, he starts losing money when he plays beyond his intuition. 

Two-Face: A Dark Story

Two-Face is one of the ones worth mentioning when talking about casino-related comics. Although it is a sad story, gambling lovers should take note of his history. Harvey Dent is a famous attorney whose alter ego is Two-Face. Once, he suffered from an acid attack, which damaged one half of his face. Then, the villain changed to his now-famous alter ego. 

Superman DC

During the 30s and 40s, gambling had a negative connotation in the entertainment industry. “The Gambling Racket in Metropolis” is one of the comics that prove this. The stories reveal the devastation behind gambling. In one of the stories, Superman saves a man from suicide. As we mentioned, this is a typical representation of the negative attitude towards gambling back then.


They later created an anime series that became very popular based on this story. The story starts at a private school that accepts the kids of wealthy citizens. However, this isn’t the typical school and classes that you think of. The students gamble and put high stakes, and the one that wins is graduates. The ones that lose the game become slaves to the others, so the struggle to succeed is real. One girl particularly stands out with her skills, changing the game’s rules.


Kaiji likes to gamble from time to time. In one of his tries, he needs money desperately. His despair leads him to a notorious gang that lends him money. Due to the circumstances, he failed to pay the loan as agreed, resulting in the severe consequences he was aware of. The gang sends Kaiji to a labor camp, a notorious place where no one manages to survive. There, he continues to play card games. The narrative describes how he manages to survive while using his strategic skills. The Kaiji series includes other interesting plots that revolve around gambling so that you can check them as well.

Final thoughts

For years, gambling and comics have been connected. Some characters have been used to enhance the experience in slot games. While gambling has been a widely current topic in comics, it is essential to note that the connotation has evolved for the past years. Back in the 30s, the stories negatively featured gambling. However, the concept was changed, and players showed strategic thinking and other skills related to gambling. The manga entries portray gambling as an advanced skill set that only the best ones have. If you lose gambling and comics at the same time, we hope that you will enjoy these picks. 

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