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The New Gameplay of Callisto Protocol and Why It’s The Successor Of Dead Space

We have discussed the new game that is not yet released called Callisto Protocol previously and why people said it’s the next successor of the Dead Space game. Well, the game is created by the one who created Dead Space and indeed that is one of the reasons why it is the successor of the predecessor. Dead Space is too good to be passed and we are longing to get something with a similar quality… Unfortunately, EA games shut down the studios that make Dead Space games and there’s no news about the Dead Space 4 either. The good news that we got is just the remake of the first Dead Space game. 

Now with the new gameplay released, we are now got a clear image of the gameplay, which decreases the doubt about the game’s quality. And with the gameplay demo from GameSpot make its more clearer. 

Here’s the new Gameplay trailer from PlayStation’s Youtube Channel:

And Of course, the GameSpot’s Gameplay Demo:

What Makes Its Dead Space Successor?

In my opinion, there are a few reasons why the Callisto Protocol is called the Dead Space Successor. First, The main element of the game – is the enemies. In Dead Space, the enemies are a parasite that inhabits the human body and turned them into some different being and eats other humans, in this case, YOU. Callisto Protocol had this concept although we don’t know how things happen this way. 

The second will be the gameplay. Dead Space is a third-person shooter with Cinetict energy as the ability that is useful especially when you don’t have any ammo left.

The third will be the equipment of the player, like the equipment and the weapon. In the Dead Space game, you will need to use a space suit as your armor so you can survive in any kind of conditions… basically, you can’t use it. For the weapons, there are several options but the DS weapon is definitely unique. Like the iconic Plasma Cutter or the Line Gun. 

Last but not least will be the story and how it goes. Dead Space’s story circulates around Isaac Clarke and his journey throughout the abandoned space colony where the citizen is dead caused to the Marker and turned them into a Necromorph. On the other hand, we only have limited information about the Callisto Protocol’s story but it will be about a prisoner in a prison and the people that turned into a zombie-like infected beings. More or Less, the intro is the same so… most probably the story too. 

The Callisto Protocol’s Gameplay Trailer Review

the callisto protocol ps5 wallpapers r

After a few minutes of the gameplay Show off, we can take the I concluded that the Callisto Protocol will be an amazing next-gen Sci-fi Survival Horror game. With all the elements that Glen Schofield put, the horror experience that we can feel in Dead Space can be felt in the Callisto Protocol also. Although there are slight differences, I believe both come from the same creator. 

From the third-person perspective, the weapons, the need of using armor, and even the feeling of being locked in a base with poor lighting and enemies jumping without a proper warning. It’s definitely Dead Space-esque. 

So, The Conclusion?

Dead Space definitely stays in its own position as one of the best Survival Horror games. At the moment, nobody can make the game like one, let alone the next sequel. 

That being said, the Callisto Protocol shows a very promising future for games. With the good graphics (especially the lighting), and the gameplay as well. Although I still don’t know how the story goes, I can say this game is legit a Dead Space successor on a certain level. Just hope nothing is changed and nothing is rushed. 

The Callisto Protocol is scheduled to be released on December 2nd this year and let’s just hope the gameplay will be awesome. Well, fingers crossed. 

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