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Wired Vs Wireless Gaming Headset – Which One Should You Pick

Have you ever wondered which one is the winner between wired vs wireless gaming headsets? Which one do you actually need or which you would like to buy? Then this article might be for you. 

Because the new tech has evolved the gaming accessory and created a new species in their class. A gaming headset has become a standard in the world of the gaming industry, it’s something that gamers would like to get so they can focus on the game and block the external disturbance at the same time. 

It’s all thanks to the fast advancement of our technology that makes gaming headsets even better day to day. With all the features that your money can buy, spoiling us with functionality that is able to support your gaming hours. 

Based on their connectivity, gaming headsets are divided into two categories – wired vs wireless headsets. Although they are definitely a headset

There are two types of gaming headsets if we see them on their connectivity side – the one with wires, there there’s one without any wires, or… simply put, wireless. It’s been a debate about which one is better. It’s quite hard to pick because each type has its own pros and cons… definitely, you need to understand each of them before deciding which one to buy. 

So, without further ado, shall we check it out? 

wired vs wireless gaming headset – The General

wired vs wireless headset

Before the invention of wireless (gaming) headsets, people used wired ones. In general, it’s an audio device that uses wired as the connector between the main device and the sound output. The wired headset has been invented in 1890 and since it becomes people’s companion in a term of listening to music. As soon as the gaming technology advanced, the normal gaming headset evolved and become the gaming headset that we knew this day. 

For the connector, people normally know that a gaming headset comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack but it’s not rare also to see the one with a USB connector. In that case, normally it would be compatible only with a PC but you can also plug it into the console with an adapter. There are lots of examples on the market for wired gaming headsets including Astro A40 TR, Logitech Pro X Gaming Headset, Sennheiser Game One, and Sennheiser Game Zero. There are so many examples out there but sorry, I cannot mention each of them :’-(. 

On the other hand, wireless (gaming) headsets are something that is very similar in functionality side, but it uses radio waves as the connector between the target device to the audio output. What is used is the UHF radio waves that are called Bluetooth. 

Because it doesn’t use wires as the connector, the gaming headsets will have an energy source to supply the power to the device. Thus, the usage of batteries will be needed in order to use the gaming headsets. For Example, Astro A50, Razer Kraken V3 Pro, Steelseries Arctis 7+, and many more.

wired vs wireless gaming headset – The Pros

wired vs wireless gaming headphone

Those who like using a gaming headset must be familiar with this, but one of the reasons why they choose a wired one would be its ability to deliver the sound directly into the audio output without any delay whatsoever. It’s all thanks to the direct wire connection that it’s able to do this. And because of that, a gaming headset doesn’t really need to have a battery to power it up as the cable will also deliver. To make sure the gaming headset will long last, the quality of the cable also gets upgraded, like a new fabricated cable, a thicker cable, or a flat cable. These are the measurement to prevent the copper to get damaged while it’s tangled. 

Another thing that is good about the wired gaming headset is the ability to be used on multiple devices. Perhaps you like to switch from PC to Xbox or PlayStation, then perhaps play Legend of Zelda on Switch, then listen to music on your smartphone. 

For the wireless gaming headset, what you get is something that is more advanced, something that prevents your hand from getting tangled in the wire while playing games. That is important for some gamers because they tend to focus on one thing and forget the others at the same time. 

With the new technology evolving every time, the wireless gaming headset also got the chance to grow, especially on the battery side which makes the gaming headset last longer without charging it. 

wired vs wireless gaming headset – The Cons

While the wired technology on a wired gaming headset gives it the actual audio delivery as well as battery-free life, there are things that sometimes annoyed gamers. For example, the one time when the cable got tangled on the gaming headset cable, accidentally unplugged the headset and resulting gamers losing the game. That annoying experience is something that can get us mad sometimes. 

Most of the issues with wired gaming headsets come from the cable. Like another example where your cable is too tangled, it can damage the copper wire inside of it. The worse part, you don’t even know what makes your gaming headset stop working.

After knowing the weakness of a wired gaming headset, let’s jump into the wireless one because yes, it has its own cons too and mostly it comes to the wireless connection that, sometimes, doesn’t really work as well as the wired connection. It has its own frequency limit so the longer you are from the source, the weaker the signal gets. Also, it is powered by batteries and you definitely need to charge it from time to time. There is a chance for those who forget to charge, the gaming headset will suddenly die in the middle of the game and will cause… um, you know… lose the game. And you also need to monitor the battery life as well. Once it’s easily depleted, you will require to change it to a new one. 

wired vs wireless gaming headset – The Price

Now we reach the final and the most important part – the price. In this section, you will see in the marketplace that every gaming headset will have a different price tag. The better the quality and features, the most expensive it will get, but there will be this general unwritten rule that you will realize. The wired gaming headset will always be cheaper than the wireless one. 

That is because a wired gaming headset doesn’t require any technologies to make it works… While the audio driver is the most important thing, there always be a wire that will supply the power and that’s it. While the wireless gaming headset will require all the technologies like Bluetooth connectivity and battery as the power source, the price will get higher. 

wired vs wireless gaming headset – The Conclusion

But regardless of all the explanations that I’ve made above, everything will always fall to your preference, how you will use the gaming headset, and the budget that you have. But you might be thinking more on the cons side than the pros so let me tell you this. Every gaming headset will work and support your gaming activities regardless. 

For sure every little thing in this world will have cons, but don’t forget it also has its pros and people will buy because of that and mind a bit about weakness. Let’s say, the wireless gaming headset has a limited distance and is powered by a power supply, but the recent technologies made it more stable with a battery that lasts longer. 

For the wired gaming headset, you definitely needed since you are worried about the power and got a limited budget. For the tangled wires, the present gaming headsets are equipped with strong cables so they won’t get damaged easily. 

See? Things are great on their own point and each has something that you look for! Now it’s time to think and choose it wisely. 

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