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1697285cookie-checkThe USB headset Xbox one: the ultimate guide

The USB headset Xbox one: the ultimate guide

As a gamer myself, a headset has been the primary piece of equipment for every gaming session. If you are on a console like Xbox, today we will give you a guide on Usb Headset Xbox one ultimate guide. So, sit comfortably, and let’s start the discussion.

The Xbox One is one of the most famous consoles that people bought to play games. It goes head to head with the Playstation4 and… seems like nothing can be compared with these two. It’s the fact that the Xbox One has a specialty in playing the exclusive Xbox game like the Forza Horizon, Halo series, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator as well and so many many more.

You got your console now and sometimes you got the distraction from the external noises that might bother your concentration. Then, finally, you need to get a headset for your gaming partner. Aside from the 3.5mm Jack, there’s one headset that has a USB headset connector which is called simply the USB Headset. Obviously. Many people will ask, what’s actually the unique thing about the USB Headset?

If I can say, there is one thing that differentiates it from the rest, especially the headset with a 3.5mm jack on it. Now the theory is, that to be able to deliver the audio to your headset, requires a driver. For the 3.5mm jack, the driver is normally available inside of the Pc. But, the USB headset doesn’t really require that as the driver is built inside the headset itself. This will allow the audio to be delivered in a better way than the jack. Albeit it’s still a wired headset that is totally different from wireless headphones, I can see some people prefer to go for audio quality instead.

USB headset Xbox one?

For those who already have the USB Headset and want to try it on another platform, or for those PC gamers who got lucky because your cousin just gave you his Xbox One as he just joined the PC Master race. I mean, the Xbox one is still a good console though. There are some games that are good to play especially the exclusive ones like the Halo or Forza Horizon for example.

Now talking about a headset and Xbox one, people will ask; Does my USB Headset can be plugged into Xbox One? we will then answer that question with detailed information. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Does Xbox One accept USB headsets?

At some point, seems like the Xbox One isn’t really compatible to be directly plugged with your USB headset. The best that you can do is basically go through a USB to 3.5mm jack connector and then connect it to the Xbox series controller. But you also need to make sure your controller has a 3.5mm jackhole in it. Otherwise, you will need a Stereo adapter to make it work.

USB to 3.5mm jack connector USB headset Xbox one
USB to 3.5mm jack connector

Can You Use Usb Headset On Xbox One?

An Xbox console like Xbox One S has an Xbox One controller that is equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which means the standard gaming stereo headset will is compatible with the console. however, there’s a bit tricky if we talk about the gaming USB Headset. For the gaming USB headset? yes. There’s slightly better hope for it to be connected to the console.

So, How Can You Connect The Headphones To Your Xbox One?

There are two ways for you to connect the USB Headset to your Xbox One. First, it will be plugging it indirectly into the game Console’s USB Port. Now there are three that you can choose from – two on the back and one on the front.

Connect The Headphones To Your Xbox One
Connect The Headphones To Your Xbox One

The other way is by using the USB to 3.5mm jack connector and connecting it to the connector on your Xbox One controller. If you have the standard Xbox One console, then you will need to buy the Xbox One Stereo Adapter so you can plug your headset there.

What If Your USB Headphones Are Not Supported?

It happens sometimes when gamers find their gaming headset, whether USB headsets or wired headsets can’t be connected to the game console. There are various things that can result in this happening.

Aside from directly plugging it into the console, there is one other way to be able to use it, it’s using the USB to 3.5mm jack adapter, then plug it directly into your Xbox controller using the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter if you use the standard Xbox One (the non-Xbox One S version).

Below is my recommendation for the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter for a USB headset for Xbox One.

Recommended Best Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

Considering the first Xbox one comes without a 3.5mm jack, it seems an adapter is necessary to lighten your mobility. I mean, plugging the headset into the game console while you sitting afar from it wouldn’t be ideal and will limit your movement, isn’t it?

Thanks to that, Microsoft released what is called the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter, an adapter that can be plugged into the back of your controller. Comes in plastic material with matte black color, and also got five physical buttons – another on the right, the increase and decrease volume on the right, the in-game and microphone volume on the left, and the mute button on the middle. Basically, it’s not just your everyday 3.5mm jack, especially with that features.

Recommended Best Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter
Recommended Best Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

On the pricing side, the Xbox One’s headset adapter can be considered okay if you would like to buy one which is $40-ish. Although it’s not the cheapest, the Headset Adapter offers the official accessories that you can buy for your Xbox One game console.

Buyer’s Guide Best Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

Whether it’s a 3.5mm Jacked headset or the USB Headset, the adapter is an essential accessory for your headphone considering the absence of the headphone jack on the standard Xbox One.

Getting yourself to the adapter might be quite a challenge as the options are diverse. From the one that is cheaper or something on the same level with useful features that you can use. Or perhaps getting something better?

Anyway, to get the right adapter you need to read the review of the product, then the features that will be useful to you. In this case, the original Microsoft Xbox One’s Headset Adapter can be a good option or the turtle Beach Ear Force Xbox One Headset.

let’s say you have the wireless headphones on you and you want to play the Xbox One, then the option falls to the Uber Bluetooth Xbox One Stereo Headset. Although it can only work with the Xbox One S controller since it has a headphone jack as well.

And if you need something robust with great audio quality output, Turtle Beach has released the Elite Pro Tactical Audio Adapter with features like Dynamic Chat Boost while not sacrificing the game audio.

Right, getting yourself an adapter is one thing. Another thing to get will be a suitable gaming headset to accompany you in gaming activities. Here’s my recommendation:

Best 3.5mm Headset for Xbox One – The Astro A40 TR+Mixamp Pro TR

The Astro Gaming A40 TR is one Piece of a headset that I can recommend. Packed with a flexible headband and aluminum rod to adjust the weight of your earcups. Aside from the design and durability, the Astro A40 TR is also equipped with audio features like the Dolby Audio surround sound which can be enabled through the Mixamp Pro TR, the driver itself is tuned with Astro Audio V2 to make sure the clear sound and bass. Also comes with a detachable mouse with an interchangeable position which is cool!

Recommended What is the Best 3.5mm Headset for Xbox One

Another recommendation of mine is the Steelseries Arctis Pro + GameDAC. With a price range that is slightly higher than the Astro A40, the Arctis Pro offers hi-res audio for the best gaming experience. It is perfect for gamers who are also an audiophile that requires more than just an audio output from the headset. Also equipped with Steelseries’s own DAC to add more audio detail. With a Discord Certified microphone, making the Steelseries a perfect companion for those who seek perfection in gaming headphones. Also, it’s a wired headset so you don’t need to worry about battery life.

Best Wireless Headset for Xbox One

Getting yourself the best wireless gaming headset? How about something of a unique piece from Astro gaming. It’s called the Astro A50, the twin brother of the Astro A40 TR. The difference is it’s more cyberpunk-ish without no RGB lights but comes with features that you can’t live with… Probably can, but once you feel it, it’s kinda hard to not feel it again.

The Astro A50 is a wireless gaming headset with a specially tuned driver and a Dolby Audio technology, and a noise cancellation microphone. What’s cool is the Base Station which has a feature as the main connector between consoles and the gaming headset, also the charging as well. Charging it is as easy as just putting it there in the right place.

Final Verdict

Playing games with headsets would be one of the joyous things that you can get. However, it’s worth noting that things can get tricky when we discuss the USB Headset Xbox One as it’s kinda hard to connect both the console and the headsets directly. Unlike plugging the USB Headset with the laptop, things don’t really work that way with the Xbox one.

Otherwise, getting yourself a 3.5mm Jack wired headset might be an option as well. Pairing it with the Xbox One audio Adapter would be the best choice that you can get. So, happy gaming!

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