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Life Is Strange Episode 1 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

There are a couple of walkthroughs available for the recently released game from Dontnod Entertainment, the same folk behind the terminally forgotten Remember Me, giving gamers a look at the multiple-choice gameplay for the title Life Is Strange.

The walkthroughs are available for both Xbox One and PS4 renditions of the game (and it’s also available on PC and the old-gen consoles in case you were wondering) where they cover the entirety of the first episode of the Indigo Prophecy-esque game.

It starts out giving gamers the impression that it’s like Ellen Page in a Donnie Darko flick. But after the frightening little sequence relating to a future event fades away, we’re stuck with the first 10 or so minutes grinding on like a whiny teenage drama. Thankfully, things pick back up and the tone slowly begins to change as the story unfolds. It never truly leaves teenage drama-land, though. So if you’re in this for an action-oriented thrill-ride, you’re looking into the wrong quick-time adventure.

You can check out the complete walkthrough for the Xbox One version below, courtesy of GamerrZombie.

The game’s David Cage-style quick-time design – popularized in games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls – seems to work well enough.

Life Is Strange definitely isn’t for everyone, though. The pace is very slowed down and there’s a lot of internal monologue that will likely appeal to certain groups more than others. Thrills, high-stakes events and non-stop action isn’t really on the cards, and Dontnod has moved away from the action-oriented space they created with Remember Me for something more keyed into the young adult demographic who prefer novellas over action flicks.

The second walkthrough comes courtesy of YouTuber MKIceandFire. They offer up a 1080p HD rendition from the PS4. You can check out their walkthrough below.

The interesting thing about it is that you have two different walkthroughs with two different approaches to the gameplay. You can grasp an idea of what makes the game unique and how different approaches to the scenarios can alter the outcomes.

While the gameplay itself definitely doesn’t seem to strike my fancy much, I do have to admit that the replay values could be very well intact for anyone who enjoys this more slowed-down approach to storytelling and character development.

You can pick up a digital copy of Life Is Strange right now for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC. Need to learn more about the game? Feel free to check out the official website.

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