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1714351cookie-checkSons of the Forest Beginner’s Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

Sons of the Forest Beginner’s Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

So you’ve started up Sons of the Forest for the first time. Now what? Here are some tips to help you get going:

  • First, gather supplies. You’ll want to collect sticks, rocks, leaves, and anything else to build basic tools and weapons. Focus on crafting an ax, spear, and bow & arrows first. These will help you defend yourself, hunt for food, and build better shelters.
  • Next, build a small shelter. Look for a naturally enclosed area, like in a dense part of the forest. Use your ax to chop down trees and gather logs, then construct a basic lean-to shelter.
  • Look for a source of food too.  Pick any berries you recognize, but be careful – some plants in the forest are poisonous. Hunting small games with your bow will also provide nourishment.
  • Remember to craft a fire! Use your ax to collect kindling and logs, then ignite the fire with your bow drill. A fire provides warmth, scares off predators, and also allows you to cook food and purify water.
  • The forest can be dangerous, especially at night, so build defenses! Dig a trench around your shelter, construct spiked walls, and place traps to ward off enemies. Staying safe and fed are your top priorities.
  • You’ll survive and thrive in the forest quickly with the right tools and skills. Good luck!

Best Base Building Locations in Sons of the Forest

Choosing a good base location is key when starting a new game in Sons of the Forest. Some locations are:

  • Near Fresh Water
  • In a Forest Clearing
  • On High Ground

Sons Of The Forest

Exploring Caves and Crypts in Sons of the Forest

Exploring the caves and crypts in Sons of the Forest can be thrilling but also dangerous if you need more preparation. Here are some tips to help you survive the underground.

Refrain from venturing into the caves empty-handed. Bring essential supplies like:

  • Flashlight or torch
  • Food and water
  • Map
  • Weapons
  • Bandages

Sons Of The Forest

Defending Against Mutants and Cannibals in Sons of the Forest

  • Use stealth when possible.
  • Equip the best weapons and armor.
  • Attack in numbers
  • Aim for weak spots
  • Set traps

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