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Monstrum Walkthrough Shows You How To Escape The Monster

If you’re looking for a creepy new horror game with some truly heart-thumping, vein-pulsing, blood-curdling moments, you’re not going to want to pass up the opportunity to check out the game Monstrum. One of the latest Let’s Play walkthroughs for the game shows you how to get off the boat with ease and escape from the monster.

The game takes place in a not-quite-abandoned cargo ship where players wake up and find themselves attempting to escape the ship either by repairing a broken submarine or repairing a broken helicopter.

Monstrum is only as long or as short as you make it, given that it’s procedurally generated and the monster randomly searches the ship in order to murder you. Also, huge kudos to the devs for making the monster actually search the ship, unlike Alien: Isolation where the xenomorph kind of teleports around to stay nearby.

The trick to Monstrum is that since it’s procedurally generated the objects can sometimes be easy to find or hard to find. You can see how to get off the ship with a playthrough of the Early Access game courtesy of YouTuber SoTheySayy. He has a two part video walkthrough for Monstrum on his channel. Check them out below.

He does a fine job of collecting exactly what he needs when he needs it, except when he runs into a bit steam trouble. Basically, if you want to get off the boat via the submarine you just need a blowtorch to repair the panel on the side, some headlights, a fuse for the controls, and a battery.

The game has some challenging aspects, though. It’s a short but hard game given that finding some of the necessary equipment to get off the boat can prove difficult. Additionally, the monster roaming around gives the game an added bonus of terror and the rattling, creaky pipes with instant-kill steam keeps players on their toes.

Monstrum is surprisingly well designed to be in Early Access and Team Junkfish – the indie devs behind the game – seem to have done a superb job in crafting the game to be eerie, visually engaging and atmospherically immersive.

There’s a detailed review of the game for those of you still skeptical, courtesy of Angry Centaur Gaming. You can check that out below.

There’s a definite feeling of BioShock to the game – the rusty art design and creaky ship with that claustrophobic feeling remind me of the art décor from Rapture.

According to the developers, Monstrum is due to exit Early Access in the second quarter of 2015. You can pick up a digital copy of the game or learn more about it by paying a visit to the Steam page.

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