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Life Is Strange Episode 3 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

The latest episode for Life is Strange is Episode 3: Chaos Theory. The episode is available right now for the home consoles and PC. Some gamers may have found themselves stuck on a few segments, such as getting into the principle’s office or finding out the password to the laptop. A couple of walkthroughs are available to help gamers get through those segments.

One of the more moderate and commentary-free walkthroughs available comes courtesy of NiZZULiVE, where he takes his time, explores a lot of the game’s environments and objects and offers some reasonable ways to get through the puzzles and doesn’t spend too much time staying stuck. You can check out his walkthrough below.

To get past principle Wells, just rewind time back to the point where he’s attempting to get into the building

To build the bomb to get into the locked principle’s office you’ll need four items. The soda can can be retrieved from the vending machine, sugar from the biology lab. Duct tape is in the back of the classroom next to the chemistry lab. You’ll also find the sodium chloride at the top of the cabinet in the chemistry lab. Just use the stool to get up to the cabinet. You can see an alternate form of how to address some of the puzzles with Nukem Dukem’s walkthrough below.

The music during the sequence where Chloe and Max are trying to get into the locked room almost sounds like it came right out of Donnie Darko.

To bypass the alarm, just blow the door open go inside and then rewind time back before the alarm went off.

One thing that really stood out in this episode is the stealth segment involving the security guard. How is it possible that a point-and-click adventure game like this managed to grab the intensity of stealth more than stealth-action games?

Life is Strange Episode 3

For the laptop segment you’ll find a series of numbers Max encounters throughout the house that she logs for potential password entries. The password is in the “Family” category and it’s “11-27-08”.

If you want to check out a completely alternate walkthrough provided by JackSepticEye you can check that out below.

He managed to beat the game in two hours and 17 minutes. Very impressive and very little room for error.

Life is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory is available right now for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. You can keep track of the remaining two episodes for the game by visiting the official website.

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