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Lost Horizon 2 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Animation Art and Deep Silver’s Lost Horizon 2 is a period piece point-and-click adventure game. The game doesn’t have the best of reviews out but some gamers still managed to pick up a copy. There is a complete gameplay walkthrough available for those who needed guided help to get through some of the puzzles and difficult segments where it’s possible to get stuck.

YouTuber 123pazu has a 13 video playlist featuring a gameplay walkthrough from start to finish. You can check it out below.

At the very start of the game you’ll need to take the blanket from the bed in the main living room and put it over the little girl in the bedroom.

After taking the key use it to unlock the door to the attic. Grab the oil lantern from above the fireplace and use the matches to light the lantern and use it to go into the attic.

After getting the two daughters up into the attic, you’ll need to race against the clock to get the photograph of their mother. The photo is by the girl’s bedside on the nightstand.

In the segment where you need to remove the axle sleeve from the cart, simply use the knife from Fenton Paddock’s inventory to grab some of the pieces from the cart, including the metal sleeve and the rusty nails. Head to the next screen, grab the planks. Use the crafting screen to place the metal sleeve on the planks and the screws inside the metal sleeve. From there, head to the stone column and Fenton will proceed to climb it.

Use the long plank from your inventory to lay it across the arch to reach the other side of the column.

The next segment simply involves stealthily sneaking past each of the guards when they aren’t looking over the curtain wall.

After getting past the guards use the radio transmitter and click on the “city” while up on the bastion. You’ll need to tune in the frequency to the right channel. Align the knobs in the following order to get the frequency lined up right.

Lost Horizon 2 - Radio Frequency

When you get into the city you can grab the broken pot on the ground. Proceed to use the knive on the water hose to take the hose near the well. Use the canteen to take the oil from the motorcycle in the back. Use the canteen of oil on the rusted iron gate and then proceed to use the lock picks on the gate to open it.

While traversing through the cavern, head to the far north and there should be some moss on the ground. Use the knife to cut up and take the moss. Use the moss to repair the jug and fill it with water from the broken pipe. Use the jug on the hole near the planks to grab the wheel below. Use the wheel on the fixture that’s missing a wheel in order to lower the bridge and get to the exit.

You’ll need to get the card to get the secret code from Tanner. His body is in the corner of the room where the guard tossed It’s covered in blood so you’ll need to wipe the blood away. The secret code is: Condor.

Grab the cloth from near the tub and drench it in the water from the basin in the center of the room along with the long metal rod with the hook.

Exit the building and use the hook to open the trunk of the blue car outside. There’s some sticky tape inside the trunk of the car.

Head back inside and use the hook to pull the ladder down in the hallway. Climb up the ladder and use the water hose and slide it under the radio room’s door. Use the wet cloth to stuff it around the door. Head back down and grab the hose from the compressor and bring it up the ladder. Connect the green hose to the red compressor hose. Use the sticky tape to combine them together.

Head back downstairs and use the spanner on the compressor to turn the gas on.

Head back upstairs and once the guard is knocked out head into the radio room and use the transmitter to send the code: Condor.

Lost Horizon 2 - Condor

After Fenton gets captured, and thrown into the dungeon where Tanner’s dead body is, grab the bucket and the planks. Time is running out so move fast.

Quickly flip the tub over and hide under it while the building blows up.

After going through the quick-time motorcycle scene and watching the cut-scene, in chapter 2 you’ll be in control of Anna. Ask the little boy some questions on the side of the mansion to get informed about the residents of the mansion and details on the secretary.

Take a piece of the paper off the side of the notice board. Use the change from Anna’s inventory on the telephone and use the number in her notepad to dial out. When the secretary heads into the house after calling the house, pick up the broom and use it to get Franz’s ball out of the tree. Give Franz, the little boy, his ball back.

Challenge Franz to kick the ball into the yard again, he’ll only do it for a reward so call the house again using the coins and the telephone. When the secretary goes back inside, grab the contents out of the letterbox and use the knife to cut out the football player and create a post card using the newspaper scraps you gathered. Use the pen to forge an autograph of Lutz Seeliger and give the picture card to Franz. This will allow you to enter the house.

Grab the wooden casket down stairs and then head upstairs and search the jacket to get a key out of the pocket. Use the key on the wooden casket. It contains iodine pills, a cigar and cyanide capsules.

Enter the study upstairs and take one of the bottles of gin. Take the papers on the desk. Head to the fireplace and open up the artifact above the fireplace to reveal a hidden safe. Grab the cloth and put the gin on the cloth and use it on the painting at the back of the room, the picture on the opposite side of the painting and the photograph of the trucks on the road. Head just outside the room to the painting of the Church in Stockholm – use the cloth on the painting to reveal another hidden image. Head downstairs and use the gin on the cloth on the Scandinavian painting to reveal yet another hidden image.

Head back to the safe and input the images in chronological order to solve the safe puzzle. It should look like in the image below.

Lost Horizon - Safe Puzzle

In the next segment, with the Bunkeranlage map, overlay the other map you got from the safe over the bunker map to find out where to go. Head to the ventilation system off to the right side of the forest. Grab a few fir corns. There is some wire on a tree, use the knife to cut the wire off the tree and add it to your inventory.

Head to the swamp to the north and grab a red fungi from the pile. Grab the fishing rod. Grab the rucksack and get the items out of the rucksack. Use the fishing rod to grab the plastic bags from out of the swamp.

Combine the plastic bags, fishing line, fir corns and the lighter to make a balloon. Attach the ballon to the drain.

Use the second balloon on the the ventilation shaft.

Head to the lookout tower to the far north to discover the location of the secret entrance. It’s located near some rocks just south of the lookout.

After climbing up on the rock you’ll need to use the rusty key on the door to access the entrance.

Use the boot brush to clean off the sign that tells you how to turn the power back on.

Use a knife to unscrew one of the screws from the plate and then head to the generator and follow the instructions for turning on the lights.

Lost Horizon 2 - Generator

Grab all the items within the bunker, including the brass valve, coins and rubber meat.

Use the nail in the generator to switch off the air ventilation so you can get into the blocked off room.

Wrap the rubber meat around the metal pipe to move the electrical chord out of the way of the ventilation bridge. Grab one of the wheels off the device. In the back and use it on the door in the passageway with no handle.

Use the brass valve on the tank you get from the room with no door handle and turn it into a blowtorch.

Use the gas torch on the chain that locks together the wheel valves on the device across the ventilation bridge.

For the segment where you need to search through the index cabinet, search under ‘N’, “Germany”, “Artifacts” and “AR-E04 Viking Casket 23” to find what you’re looking for. It’s on Rack 11, Slot 1.

Lost Horizon 2 - Index Cabinet

Head to the end of the warehouse storage and remove the pallet to discover a hole in the wall that leads to a secret room with the artifacts.

Give Gwendolyn the brick, the lighter and a knife. User the lighter on the lamp. Put the shell on the cart after pushing the cart toward the shell stash. Put the brick under the cart and use the knife to remove the wheel from the cart and put the wheel through the hole and give it to Anna.

Use Anna to put the wheel on the wheelbarrow and push it to the hole in the wall and then use Gwendolyn to put the shell into the wheelbarrow.

Use the shell to blow up the wall to allow Anna to escape.

In the next segment when Fenton is in the train yard, talk to the guard in the booth and get the coins. Put the coins on the track. Go into the next screen and then go back to the rail to get the flat coin.

Use the flat coin to go into the museum and unscrew the plates on the vent in the back of the hallway. You can get a screwdriver from the mechanic near the train station. Head back into the museum, put the biscuit on the cabinet and then exit the museum. When you re-enter the guard will be distracted and you can get a crank to open the vent.

After getting past the guard you’ll find Gwendolyn in one of the rooms down the corridor.

Lost Horizon 2

Use the small key from the lab coat to open the cupboard and get a scalpel. Use the scalpel to free Gwendolyn. Fenton will proceed to kill a guard like Arnold Schwarzenegger from True Lies.

When you get back control of Gwendolyn in chapter four You’ll need to talk to all the people in the town about Professor Langtry. Have a portrait made by the painter near the docks.

After talking to all the townsfolk ask the bartender about Trevor Byrne. Use the portrait you had painted to swap it for the Trevor Byrne photo on the wall. Take the photo to the woman who had a crush on Byrne to find out where Professor Langtry is.

When you get to chapter five you’ll end up in some ruins. Head to each of the unmarked mausoleums and get all the items in the junk piles from near the decrepit crypts.

After you get the Indiana Jones gear, head back to the dark pillars; use the knife on the petrol stove and place the stove on the pillar and use the lighter on the stove. Do this for each pillar to light them up.

Head back to the crypt grove and align the symbols in the following order to open up a hole in the center of the grove.

Lost Horizon 2 - Crypt Grove Puzzle

When Gwendolyn goes into the hole in the crypt, use Fenton to give her the petrol stove and the lighter.

When down in the crypt open up the coffin and rub away the dirt to read the inscription. Take the shields and put the one with the raised square into the recess on the left side. Put the shield with the hexagonal hole in the recess on the right side. It should be eight on the left side and two, seven, six on the right side.

After completing the puzzle you’ll move to chapter six. Fenton will have to repair a problem with the helicopter. Use the knife to get the clips and hose off the nearby motor in the truck. Use the can to fill it up with the oil from the truck’s motor. Put the mixture over the fire pit and use the lighter to emulsify the oil. Use the hose on the helicopter’s motor over the broken pipe. Use the clamps on the hose to fasten it. Grab the air pump and use it on the hydraulic opening to fill it with air. The helicopter should be good to go.

After Gwendolyn gets sick from the radiation poisoning you’ll need to heal her by first getting a candle, and solving the green light puzzle in the center of the room. When the lights reflect around the room grab the blue diamond.

Leave the room and enter the passage across the pathway. Enter into the room with the glowing shaft on the wall. Use the lighter on the candle and put it on the spear on the ground. Use the wax to get the spear out of the hands of the fallen statue.

Use the staff to get the rucksack on the spiked floor.

Head back into the room with the pillars and get the raven to fly onto the perch where the diamond is for it to drop to the ground. Head into the other room to get the yellow diamond from the stand.

Use the signal flare on the poor man’s evil wolf to get out of the room and reveal yet another diamond.

Head to the icy area where Kessler’s men are frozen. Use the ice pick to pry the equipment from them and fill the helmet with ice. Use the melted ice in the helmet on the staff to make it wet and bend it.

Use the diamond on the clothes to cut out the nylon threads and fasten it to the staff to make a bow. Shoot the diamond from off the ceiling using the brass rods and the makeshift bow.

Place all of the collected diamonds into the four steles in the room where Gwendolyn is lying on the ground, dying. This will activate a hologram of Yggdrasil and the images to complete the puzzle in the icy cavern where the symbols are on the ground.

AT the 10 minute mark in part 12 of the video series above, it shows how to complete the bridge puzzle that leads to a waterfall room with paddlewheels. In the room with the paddlewheels align the symbols with the icons under the Yggdrasil. The arrows on the left and right should both be pointing inward while the center arrow on the middle paddlewheel should be pointing downward.

Head back to the holograph room and use the tin cup to get the water out of the fountain and give it to Gwendolyn.

With Gwendolyn, use the chain to attach it to the gate and then attach the chain to the pillar and the waterwheel. Press the lever to activate the waterwheel and rip the gate off the hinges.

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