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Far Cry Primal Story Gameplay Walkthrough

Far Cry Primal is now out and available for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. For gamers looking for a little bit of help in where to go and how to complete some of the basic story missions, there is a complete walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber Tetra Ninja has a series of videos available in a walkthrough, some of which start from back in January and continue on to the game’s recent release. It starts with Takkar having to restore the Wenja tribe and getting a bit of a rundown on the other two major clans, including the Izila and the Udam. You can check out the walkthrough below.

At the start of the game, after getting owned up by the tiger, you need to build a basic bow and arrow set. The game forces you to build a bow and arrow so you just have to gather basic supplies using Square or the ‘X’ button to gather supplies until you can fashion a bow from the inventory menu.

Some weapons degrade over time, such as clubs and torches, so it’s important to keep supplies stocked to craft additional clubs for combat.

Major skill trees are tied to various shamans scattered throughout the game. There’s a complete skill tree guide available right here, detailing what skills you have access to at what levels.

After visiting the first shaman, Tensay, players will take on a vision quest to learn how to tame beasts. The first vision quest will gain you the owl beast master skill, which simply sees players chasing down an owl throughout various environments in a dream-type sequence. The objective is really plain: just follow the owl around the level until it ends.

The owl is for mainly scouting enemies, but it can eventually be leveled up so it can drop caveman bombs on cavemen.

From there the next mission is about tracking down the white wolf in order to add it to your prehistoric pokemon harem stable. You will need to sneak up on the wolf after locating it using the mission indicator, and then use the bait to throw it within range of the wolf. While the wolf is eating the meat you simply sneak up on it and hold down Square (or ‘X’ on Xbox) to tame the wolf.

You can use the L1 and R1 buttons to aim the animals at various locations and enemies to either move them into position or to attack specific enemies. You can see how the beast taming works and how to utilize them in battle with the video below.

You can rinse and repeat the steps for taming the wolf to tame other animals so long as your level requirements meet the standard for taming an animal. If you aren’t high enough in level then the beasts of the wild will retaliate and attack you during the taming process. Leveling up the Beast Master skills is only essential if that’s where you plan to put a lot of your gameplay focus.

After finally capturing the wolf the next step is to start rebuilding a camp by building up some huts as a sort of base in which to stage your caveman operations.

You’ll need to restore various huts in the game, including Sayla’s hut, to procure new missions, as well as earn new recipes, items and potential XP to grow stronger and eventually tame more beasts and become a beast pimp. You can see the basic ingredients you’ll need to build the hut below.


You’ll also need to build Tensay’s hut as well as the other shaman huts in order to utilize them to further grow Takkar’s abilities.

The game then teaches you how to use some more advanced melee attacks as the mission moves into the Attack of the Udam, where players get their first taste of Ull. One of the things they teach you is that you can hold down the attack button to charge up attacks and do extra damage as well as stun enemies and then you can take them out with a killing blow. You can’t block so you’ll have to time attacks to avoid losing health to enemy melee attacks.

After finishing the mission it’s possible to go on another dream walk called the Vision of Ice after heading to Tensay the shaman.

After using the ice club to Sub-Zero the tusk-faced warriors into the ground, you eventually have to throw the club at the statue to complete the vision quest.

The walkthrough continues where the first bonfire is overtaken and some of the rival tribes are taken out. As you take out more bonfires and expand your horizons, the Wenja population will grow. Clearing outposts will also open up the ability to stash items and retrieve items from the cleared outposts.

There’s an additional walkthrough guide from MKIceandFire that covers the game from start to finish, all the way up until the boss fight that you can check out below.

Building up structures like Wogah’s hut will grant you access to more weapon crafting, including new tools to help Takkar along the way, including traps and throwing shards.

The video series above also covers the great beast hunts, including the fight against the Bloodfang Sabertooth, which can be tamed. The objective is to hunt down clues from the beasts and track them to their lair.

For the end game boss battles, the final fight with the Izila leader requires you to throw your spears at the fire towers that she’s hiding in between. After destroying the fire towers you’ll need to defeat several waves of enemy tribesmen. After defeating the tribesmen you’ll have to fight Batari one on one. After getting her life halfway down you’ll need to fight another wave of reinforcements.

If you plan on using your animal call-ins for the boss fight, be sure that they have full health before going in, otherwise it can be cumbersome trying to keep their health restored while battling Batari and her reinforcements. Also, make sure you stock up on plenty of arrows for when it’s time to face Batari.

When it’s time to face off against Ull, you’ll have to make a journey to get there. After traveling across the snowy mountains into Udam territory, you’ll have to take out a few more outposts, light the bonfires and then proceed to Ull’s cave. You’ll have to fight through a horde of Udam to get to the cave and then search the cave for Ull. There’s an indicator that will lead you through the cave to get to Ull, who is located in a pit above some icicles looming above. You’ll have to take out Ull’s men while attacking him as well. It’s best to stock up on arrows and face off against him at a distance.

You can also lure Ull over the puddles on the ground and shoot the icicles above to drop them down on his head. One way of getting Ull to stay still long enough to drop the ice on his head is using a trap and placing it over the puddles on the ground. Proceed to kite him over the trap and then when you get enough distance, shoot the ice above to have it come crashing down around his ears. Rinse and repeat this until Ull is defeated.

Far Cry Primal is available right now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game has launched at a $59.99 price tag.

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