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Superhot Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Superhot Team’s Superhot is a first-person strategy shooter where time only moves when you move. The game has been on the radar of a lot of gamers because of how cool it looks and how cool it plays. For some gamers who may have difficulty getting through some of the levels, there’s a complete gameplay walkthrough available to help gamers get past the more challenging stages.

YouTuber JurassicRabbit has a complete playthrough from start to finish, showcasing how to get past each level and which tactics to use in order exercise some pristine bullet ballet. There are only three videos in the series but they are intense and action packed. The game is only about an hour long but could easily be replayed. Check it out below.

One of the more challenging stages early on is “Wrong Turn”, due to the truck coming down the alleyway fast and the assault rifle bot shooting once he gets out of the driver seat. You have to first run into the corner to avoid being run over. Next you need to quickly run to the corner and grab a bottle and then throw it at the assault rifle guy to stun him. Proceed to run up and punch the polygons out of him.

In the server room level the best way to get through it is to run straight up to the first guy on the right and then grab his shotgun. Get off two shots on the guys running close to you and then grab the shotgun off the side of the gun rack to finish off the last couple of guys.

In the “Make Him Fly” level it’s best to use the shotgun to take out the second guy after making the first guy fly and then replace the shotgun with the pistol to take out the next two guys down the hall behind the glass. Replace the pistol after shooting the two guys by grabbing the shotgun to take out the other guys who flood into the room.

In the “Elevator Pitch” it may seem impossible but start by punching the guy on the right first and then the guy on the left and then throw one of the guns at the middle of the elevator. Grab one of the guns and kill the remaining guys in the elevator before killing the two shotgun guys just outside the doors.

Later in the game the ability to body-jack becomes available, with the hotswitch for taking over enemy bodies adding an extra strategic layer to the gameplay. The hotwitch has a cooldown so you’ll have to move around a bit in order to switch bodies again.

Superhot is available right now on Steam for PC over on the Steam store for $24.99.

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