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Ghost Of A Tale Early Access Walkthrough

SeithCG’s Ghost of a Tale has been making its way through Early Access after recently launching at the end of July. It’s a 3D adventure game with a grim-dark medieval art-style starring a cute little mouse. For those of you there who are curious how to get through the game and how to deal with the stealth and combat, there’s a walkthrough available offering some hints and tips.

YouTuber Nokzen has a complete playlist available featuring the entire Early Access walkthrough, if you’re interested in getting a little bit of help while playing the game. You can check it out below.

The first quest in the task is to help Kerold by stealing some Rotgut after hiding in the chest and avoiding the giant rat to escape from the jail cell.

You’ll find the Rotgut near a sleeping rat guard down the end of the dungeon’s corridor. Simply sneak up to it and grab it. Also, the “Screaming door key” is on the side of the guard’s waist. You’ll need to get especially close to the guard to grab the key.

The objective of the game is to help the mouse Tilo get back to his wife Merra. This includes finding a way to escape from the dungeon.

You can replenish health by eating food and sneak around using the right trigger.

After giving the Rotgut to Kerold you’ll need to move through the next door using the key. You’ll find an additional cupboard key through one of the doors down the corridor with the patrolling rat.

You’ll need to get the stool and use it to climb up to get the keys hanging on the wall to move through the next corridor. Time it well to avoid being spotted by the rat.

Grab the sticks and throw it at the wench on the opposite side of the platform to lower the drawbridge.

You can get the keys to the next area by dropping a barrel on the head of the guard standing below.

You’ll find the jail master key in the room at the end of the corridor. To get past the guard you’ll need to slowly move through the hallway and hide when you get to the midway point.

You can use the jail master key to finally exit from the dungeon and escape into the courtyard.

The next major quest is to find the blacksmith’s hammer once you get outside. Be sure you’re not wearing a pirate’s hat when you talk to the blacksmith.

Ghost of a Tale

If you don’t always want to run and hide from the enemies during battle, you can actually knock them out briefly by picking up bottles and lobbing them at the heads of the rats. Doing so will incapacitate them briefly before they get back up and start patrolling again.

The quest for finding the missing hammer is attached to helping Gusto and Fatale escape from their cells. You’ll have to head back to their old cells using a key they give you to acquire their stash of items, which includes the blacksmith’s missing hammer. The video below shows you wear the hammer is exactly and how to get the cells.

If you return the Blacksmith’s hammer to him he’ll reward you by asking you what you need and you can have him put together the suit of armor, which is one of the quests that need to be completed.

Ghost of a Tale is available in Early Access at the moment for $19.99 over on the Steam store. For further information about the game feel free to visit the official website. The title is expected to release in early 2017.

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