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1427300cookie-checkMafia 3 Rivals Arrives On iOS, Android October 7th

Mafia 3 Rivals Arrives On iOS, Android October 7th

2K Games has a bit of an insurance policy on Mafia III, opting to roll out a mobile game for iOS and Android devices as a way to help buffer revenue in conjunction with the game releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The upcoming mobile port is called Mafia III: Rivals and it features an alternate gameplay setup designed by Cat Daddy. They don’t have any trailers for this mobile game on the main website, just a pre-register promotion to gain access to a character and special weapon at the launch of Mafia III: Rivals.

I suppose the real question is: what do you do in the game?

Well, it involves assembling a crime syndicate and going to battle against rival mobs by collecting loot, seizing property and duking it out against various mob bosses.

The game features RPG-style combat, the ability to train up and recruit crime bosses, as well as outfit the guys and gals in your party with the best gear money can buy.

None of that really describes how the game is played but I doubt it’s going to be much more than a basic mobile port of Hangar 13’s Mafia III.

Most mobile titles are pretty bare bones so I wouldn’t hold my breath for much of anything special to satiate that thirst for a large-scale, open world, action crime drama.

As for Mafia III… I’m a little bit leery about the game. Some things look pretty cool, and just like with Mafia II’s Empire Bay, the New Bordeaux looks fantastic. The city planners and architectural awareness shines through in the game’s extremely well designed environments. That was always one of the pet peeves I had about Saints Row 3 and Saints Row 4… the city design was as generic as the personalities of contestants on the Bachelor and Bachelorette.

My main concern with Mafia III is the AI, the density of the game’s atmosphere and how the world will react to the player’s actions, as well as the variety of interactivity. Mafia II was really cool just because of they didn’t hold your hand in doing some things… like being able to just walk into a shop and rob it, or head to a vendor outside and grab a bite, or hit up the local bar for a drink, or change your clothes at a local suit store. The organic interactivity within Mafia II was slick, so we’ll see if Hangar 13 can manage the same in the third game.

As for Mafia III: Rivals, you can pre-register over on the official website or look for the game to appear on the iTunes App Store or Google Play starting October 7th.

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