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31 January 2017

Detention Gameplay Walkthrough

One of the popular new games to take the Steam community by storm is the independently made horror title, Detention. The Taiwanese game from Red Candle Games and Coconut Island Games already has a strong following due to its horrific themes and mysterious story. If you need help with getting through the game there’s a walkthrough guide available.

At the start, once the cinematic finishes, grab the note from the desk and read, and then proceed to read the message on the chalkboard before exiting the classroom. Head to the left and grab the sketch from the window to add it to your notebook and then proceed down the stairwell.

There’s an old photograph underneath a daffodil in a flower pot on the first floor. The roll-up gate will prevent you from exiting and you’ll need a crank. Head into the shed next to the steel door and turn on the light to get the crank.

Attach the crank to the lever box by pulling up your inventory and clicking the crank on the box, as indicated in the walkthrough guide below from RabidRetrospectGames.

Head down the path outside toward the auditorium and proceed inside to wake up the girl sitting in the chair.

The girl is missing her necklace, you’ll find it inside the room next to the stage. There’s an umbrella in the room on the left side in a pile. Take the umbrella and use it to fetch the white deer pendant from behind the vent in the room.

Exit the room and give the necklace to the girl.


You can head outside and down to the river to cross the bridge, but the bridge is out due to a torrent of what looks like blood.

The girl finally introduces herself as Ray Fang.

When the game switches and lets you play as Ray, head back into the room on the side of the auditorium stage after taking the notebook and grab the note behind the fan next to the dead rat.

Venture outside and examine the shrine to get the key. You’ll learn how to hold your breath in order to avoid the ghosts; you can hold your breath using the right mouse button.

You’ll need to head to the principal’s office just outside the auditorium to answer the phone. There’s also an altar that works as a save point to the far right of the room.

Head to the second floor and there’s a bathroom you can enter to the far right. Inside the sink yoiu’ll find pliers. Take the pliers and use them to cut the wire on the gate. Enter the room and examine the eye chart. Turn on the light to reveal the medical supply room key. You can lift the chart to take the key.

You can also find a food offering for the dead and medical documents.

Exit the room and place the food on the floor and hold your breath; this will lure the ghost away from the medical room door.

You can also take some paint thinner from the chest.

Use the paint thinner on the room next to the auditorium on the first floor to remove the talisman. You can then enter into the room and grab the box cutter on the desk.

Proceed through the door on the left side and examine the bowl – you’ll find a die in the bucket on the floor next to the gambling table.

Head to the classroom on the second floor and you’ll find a note mentioning that gambling is prohibited. Head to the bathroom just outside the classroom and another die will be located on the far left side of the room. Grab the third die to complete the task of having three dice to use with the bowl in the gambling room.


Throw the dice into the bowl and then take the ceramic bowl.

Another note will be available just outside the room.

You’ll need to take the box cutter and slit the throat of Wei, the main character from the beginning of the game. Use the bowl to fill up the contents with Wei’s blood.

Head to the class room on the third floor with the blood on the wall outside. Use the bowl full of Wei’s blood on the desk. Use the notebook to press into the desk to get an imprint of the character engravings.

Use the symbols below to open the lock.


Head through the room and travel down the hall until the giant ghastly monster starts chasing you. Run all the way back down the hall toward the door and pick up the counselor’s note to trigger a flashback with Ray.

The flashback will then take Ray to the middle of the field. Head to the right inside and there’s a note you can take from the puppet theater.

Proceed toward the save point on the first floor and grab the photo.

Go down into the basement and head to your right to get the money on the stool. Interact with the altar and then head back upstairs. Proceed into the room opposite of the projector where the tombstone is located. Take the three incense from in front of the grave.

Head to the first room at the far end of the hall and place the money inside of the furnace; a feathered fan can be retrieved from the furnace. The dolls hanging overhead will strangle you if you try to walk through them without light – hold your breath as you pass underneath.

Proceed back into the basement and place the three incense into the cauldron.

The cell door to the prison will open and the wooden taken lodged into the back of the cell occupant can be retrieved.

Go back to the first floor where the two statues are on the left and right side. Place the fan in the hand of the right statue and the wooden token in the hand of the left statue and the door will open.

You’ll be able to get your hands on the roof key once you enter into the room down the hallway. You can then enter into another room with a bird cage. If the tall villager with the lantern is walking down the hall, turn your back to him and hold your breath. If he cannot see the fear washed over your face he cannot kill you.


Head up to the roof and use the roof key to unlock the door and grab the film footage. Head back down into the projector room and use the film on the projector.

If you go into the next room you’ll see that the projector is now playing a series of images with numbers on them. The numbers on the images include: 02512

Go outside to your left using the exit on the first floor and head past the marionette stage to grab the 8-track tape.

Head into the building where the 8-track player is. Place the tape inside and use the tape to play on the PA system. Switch to track 4.

Go into the room with the bird cage and the piano and recite the tune you hear on the tape.

Take the puppet from inside the cage.

Bring the puppet back to the marionette stage and place the puppet into one of the hands sticking out from the stage.

If you dial 9121 on the phone from the room with all the talisman in it, a monster will walk past.

Once the monster leaves there is a military police puppet that will be left outside the door. Take it back to the marionette stage and place it in the other hand sticking up from the stage. The basement key will be revealed once you do so.

Use the key on the door in the flooded basement.

You can retrieve the gun from inside the paper bag left behind by the apparition flashback of Wei.


When you get to the radio you can change the tune to alter the setting. Set the radio dial to the songs playing to change the setting to one featuring an empty hall and the other featuring Ray’s parents.

Go back to the time with Ray’s parents at the table. Head into the next room and examine the photos. Turn the lights off and examine the photos again. Ray’s eyes will bleed into the cup. Once the cup fills up turn the lights back on and take the cup.

Turn the dial to the other radio station and head into the empty hall. Place the bloody tears into the puddle of water and head through the door where the footprints stop. Head to the far right and turn off the lights; the foot prints will appear on the ground; follow them.

Grab the ad for the private investigator.

The clock puzzle will require you setting the short hand on the left clock to 6:00 and the long hand to 9:00. The short hand on the far right clock needs to be set to 1:00 and the long hand at 12:00, as indicated in the image below.


Head back to the room with the radio and turn the station back to the first station and head into the room with the crooked photographs. The photos will straighten up and a new door will appear.

Grab the paper plane and exit the room, there’s another paper on the table that reveals a new radio station has been added… 103.0.

For the mirror light puzzle you have to get the man in the mirror to travel with you toward the door. Turn off the first light, turn on the second light, turn off the third and fourth light, turn on the fifth light and turn off the sixth light.

Grab the coin from the next room.

Head back to the radio room and go back in time to when the piggy bank wasn’t broke. Put the coin into the bank. Fast forward in time to the next era and take the movie ticket from the broken piggy bank.

Take the ticket to scenario from radio station 103 and use it to enter into the movie theater.

Exit the theater and take the notes and the assignment paper.

Proceed to scenario 93.3 on the radio and head through the door with all the nails in the tree and the dead fish.

Give the assignment paper to the counselor. Take the counselor note.

The locked door where the radio is will now be open.

Following a series of cinematics, when Ray meets her ghostly specter, have the specter walk out of the room and venture into the hall where Yin and Wei are.

More cinematics will follow… head to the bathroom and remove the broom and head into the stall.

For the light puzzle, you simply must turn off the light and walk to the end of the hall. Keep walking through the halls to cue more cinematics until you reach the end.

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