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Prey (2017) Gameplay Walkthrough

Arkane Studios and Bethesda’s 2017 remake of Prey has landed on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The first-person sci-fi game is a throwback to both BioShock and System Shock from the past years. For gamers who need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to completing certain segments or accessing certain areas with keycodes, you can check out this gameplay walkthrough to help you out.

The game starts in the year 2032, and you can choose whether or not your Morgan Yu is an Asian male or an Asian female. Once you get done with that, you’ll have to wait a really long time for the loading to finish up and then you’ll end up in Morgan’s apartment.

If you want to see a tour of the apartment and get an idea of how to utilize the controls and get a small taste of the game’s lore and gameplay, you can check out the gameplay walkthrough below from GhostRobo.

Keep in mind that Prey doesn’t really pick up and open up until almost three hours in.

Anyway, the first thing you need to do is grab the suit off the wall.

Follow the linear pathway to the helicopter, and then through the hallways, and then through the testing facility to learn the controls.

Go through the tests until the the cinematic plays and Morgan ends back up in the apartment.

After you finally get the wrench and explore your apartment the second time, break through the window to exit from the test apartment area.

The first safe you encounter can be opened with the following code: 5150

Head into Demetri Bowser’s office and you can modify the test simulation rooms if you want, and there’s also a medical kit you can grab as well.

You’ll have your first encounter with the Cacoplasmus, also known as the Mimics. It’ll be trapped behind the glass, but you can break the glass and beat the living crap out of the black goo.

Go search Jovan’s computer after you see him get deepthroated to death by the Mimics.

You’ll pick up a new main objective to find Bellamy’s office. Inside Bellamy’s office you’ll find the keycard on the desk.

Move through the main hall and find the neuromod inside the display case. Use the wrench to break the case and take the neuromod.


The neuromod will enable you to upgrade your first ability.

If you upgrade your hacking you can access the security hack, which will allow you to get into the security room. However, you’ll need hacking level 2 to access the security computer.

Use the keycard on the elevator to access the Talos lobby.

The next task is to head to the main lobby.

There’s a neuromod in one of the display cases but there’s also a phantom walking around.

If you go into the lounge, you can use the recycler to compress some of your junk into craftable material.

Head upstairs toward the nav point leading to your office. Inside Bianca Goodwin’s office is a Trauma Center keycard. Take it.

In order to access Morgan Yu’s office, you’ll need to use the code: 0451.

Take all the upgrades, keycards and neuromods inside Morgan’s office.

Access the computer and play the video.

Morgan will reveal to theirself that during the neuromod experiments the patients lose their memory after a neuromod is uninstalled. This has been happening to Morgan after every installation and uninstallation of a neuromod. Morgan also reveals in the video that Alex has kept Morgan in a time loop, repeating the same day over and over again. Before Morgan can continue, Alex stops the video and says he wants to explain everything in person.

Follow the nav point to Calvino’s workshop.

Also, you can go into Yuri’s office and you can find the Huntress Boltcaster behind one of the desks. You can use it to access buttons and switches from afar, or use it as a distraction. The Boltcaster is like a Nerf gun, so don’t rely on it to kill anything.

Break away the foam to get through the door that leads to the Hardware Labs, which is an all new area.

There are corrupted robots about, so be careful and stealth past the robots.

You may need to take down some of the corrupted robots. There’s a new keycard you can get from the theater – the card is by a dead body overlooking the stage area.

You can also take a turret with you from the corner and use to destroy the phantom in the Atrium.

Through the Atrium hallways, you’ll find a breached pipe spouting fire near the Ballistics lab. You’ll find the Ballistics lab key by the dead boy next to the door. You can use the goop gun to fix the pipe with the fire and take the keycard.

You can access the Ballistics labs’ safe using level 1 hacking.

Head back to the Atrium and go through the hallway behind the broken electrical wire, and head down the hall to the access panel where some cases are blocking the way. Move them out of the way and go into the Machine Room.

Access the airlock hatch, but you’ll need a propulsion system before you can go outside the Talos 1 space station.

Use the glue gun as a platform device to climb up to the area where Franklin Goode’s computer is in the Machine Room. You can also grab the Zero G propulsion system.

Use the Fabricator to make the Zero G propulsion system along with some extra gear, if you have the necessary material.


After you get the propulsion system, you’ll be able to exit the Machine Room through the space port.

You can gather up some supplies from the hull breach in the Science Operation hub on the station. There’s also a Science Operation safe, but you’ll need level 3 hacking to access it. You’ll also find Doctor Lorenzo Calvino floating around up above in the hull breach area, and you can take his keycard.

If you upgrade your repair skill, you can repair the breach failsafe device in the Science Operation area. Once the breach failsafe device is repaired you can then access the Beams and Waves lab.

Proceed back inside and through the Machine Room and then head to the second floor in order to access the Beams and Waves lab. You’ll find the Q-Beam weapon inside of the Beams and Waves lab.

Director Thornstein’s office code is: 6062

You can go inside and Thornstein will be a phantom; kill him and take his keycard.

There’s also a code to the safe in the Machine Room. The safe code is: 0158

Before you can activate the workstation you need to reboot the power and then go to the Looking Glass console (a nice nod to Looking Glass Studios, the original creators of System Shock). You’ll need to run diagnostics on the servers through the consoles and then you can view the old videos of Calvino before you’re required to head back to your office and finish watching the video Morgan Yu recorded.

Head into the video projector room below the looking theater and you’ll find some Gloo Gun ammo, and more bolts.

Exit from the Machine Room area and proceed back through the lobby toward Morgan Yu’s office.

You can repair the Looking Glass screen and resume the video.

January, your Operator, will then approach you as a floating droid.

You’ll need two keys to initiate the self-destruct sequence on the Talos I space station. January will give you a keycard for general access, which will take you through additional areas of the station.

You will need to head down into Deep Storage using the general access keycard.

There are audio logs and a tracking bracelet inside the Trauma Center. Head to the security station console and you can download an area map along with use the console to access the crew manifest, including finding Josh Dalton, who is a kinectic designer located in G.U.T.S. That room is actually located through the Psychotronics room.

Go through Psychotronics and you’ll find Dalton’s body inside the G.U.T.S., area. However, before you get there you can get a hold of the Psychoscope so you can use the device to target, mark and scan the abilities of the mimics and phantoms.

You will need the Psychoscope before you can proceed through the Atrium toward G.U.T.S.

Use the Psychoscope on the Typhons within the containment compartments to unlock new abilities.

Head into Dr. Kelstrup’s office and his safe code is: 6222

Inside the safe are additional neuromods.

Take Hans Kelstrup’s keycard and head down into the looking glass room to watch the video and listen to the audio.

You’ll need to continue the experiment before you can head through Material Extraction room.

MKIceandFire has a full gameplay walkthrough that clocks in at about 10 hours. You can check it out below. If you’ve already watched Ghostrobo’s walkthrough, the MKIceandFire walkthrough picks up where he left off at 2:47:57 mark.

One of the benefits of the Psychoscope is that it can spot out mimics in the room that are hiding about in a room as other objects. This will allow you to get a leg up on them and ambush the mimics in the room.

Inside the extraction room there’s an Aaron Ingram. You can free him to get the armory room code, which is: 8714

If you kill him he won’t give you the code… however, this walkthrough guide just gave you the code. So now you have moral dilemma… do you still need Aaron Ingram… alive?

You’ll find a shotgun and some ammo inside the armory.

If you have a crossbow you can use it to unlock the door to Mitsuko Tokaji’s office by shooting the darts at the computer.

You’ll find a new weapon inside.

Inside the morgue there’s a bit more to explore and a few more typhon to battle.

You can head outside from the Atrium toward the hull breach and use the gloo gun to repair the hull breach. This will allow you to access the one Exotic Material Storage room. There’s a number of worthwhile items in the storage if you want to take it.

From there you can then head to G.U.T.S.

Proceed through G.U.T.S., toward Josh Dalton’s body. There are cystoid nests that you will frequently encounter through the service tunnel.

Use the pistol to blow up the nests if they get in your way.

Head to the end of the tunnel and use the gloo gun on the fan to stop it. Travel through the vent to get to the other side.

It’s probably best to use kinetic blasts when the cystoids are clustered together.

In order to get back inside to the Magnetosphere Controls room, use the gloo gun on the electrical breaker to fix the issue and allow you to pass by the area and get into the Magnetosphere room.

Anders Kline is located inside the room where the core has become unstable. Head inside and interact with the body to take Anders Kline’s keycard.

Head back into the maintenance tunnel and use Anders’ key to go through the door that leads to the Arboretum tunnel with the golden typhon filament. You can then follow the filament – also known as the coral – through to the cargo tunnel to reach Josh Dalton.

In order to get to Josh you have to first go through the cargo tunnel but then when you reach the first opening closest to Josh go outside of the tunnel and move to the outer edges and Josh will be in a crevice just outside the tunnels. You’ll be able to get the Blackbox Lab keycard from Josh.

Head toward the Arboretum access door.

You’ll acquire a new Disruptor Stun Gun.

Use the gloo gun to reach the inner Arboretum.

When you reach the greenhouse area, a Technopath will be inside. You can get inside by going to the side rear of the greenhouse and use the gloo gun to platform inside, assuming you want to platform inside.

Alternatively, you can head to the main lift to the Arboretum and there’s another Technopath in the way. You can scan it before fighting it.

Use the Q-Beam on it from a safe space to destroy it. If you don’t have enough Q-Beam ammo, use your psychic abilities to to attack the Technopath.

You can get Hendrik DeVries’ keycard to access new areas.

You can head back to the lobby if you want and check out the Neuromod Division and the December operator will be on the ground right in the main lobby. Activate it and it will give you the code to Alex’s office: 4815

The code for the Grav Shaft can also be accessed using: 8159

Head to Hendrik’s office in the Trauma lab and use the keycard to access the office. Download the decryption key from Hendrik’s office.

Hendrik will also give Alex a code: A, C, B, A, C

Head to the computer with the psyche evaluation test in the office of Mathias Kohl in the Trauma Center. Take the psyche evaluation test and answer each question in the following sequence: A, C, B, A, C.

Take the transcoder from the safe along with the neuromods. Morgan will reveal to Dr. Kohl that they want to stop the program and that the message that Morgan left for themselves was not the “real Morgan”.

Proceed back down to the Arboretum and you can now access Alex Yu’s office.

There is an Ethereal Phantom protecting the pathway leading toward Yu’s office. The Ethereal Phantom is very fast but you can use the Gloo gun to freeze him in place and prevent him from replicating.

Proceed toward Deep Storage and Zachary West will have a Crew Quarters keycard.

You will also need Danielle Sho’s voice sample to get into Deep Storage.

You can head outside toward the breach in the Med Bay.

There’s also a derelict shuttle out in space. You can examine the shuttle and pick up some extra gear and repair it if you have Repair level 3.

You can also proceed to Crew Quarters to get the necessary voice samples so you can access Deep Storage.

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