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E3 2018: My Friend Pedro Was Inspired By Equilibrium And Max Payne

Kurt Wimmer’s 2002 sci-fi action film, Equilibrium, and Remedy Entertainment’s Max Payne, have been the inspiration for Hat Juggler’s My Friend Pedro, which is being published by Devolver Digital.

The news came out of a recent IGN interview that developer Victor Agren had during this year’s E3 while promoting the game My Friend Pedro.

We learned a heck of a lot about the actual gameplay, and you can most certainly see some of the influences from the above-mentioned properties in the E3 trailer alone, which you can check out below.

The game is a 2.5D, side-scrolling platformer with slow-motion gun-ballet resting at its heart. We’ve been keeping track of My Friend Pedro throughout its development and it’s awesome to see that it’s finally coming to fruition in a fairly significant way.

The game allows you to dual-wield pistols and sub-machine guns, as well as acquire heavy weapons as well, including shotguns. There will be seven weapons in total, but only small arms can be dual-wielded for the dual-aim feature.

As depicted in the trailer, you can hop off walls, slide down rails, and even ride skateboards. Yes, ride skateboards. There’s also a special stage designed where you can race a motorcycle through the street, performing stunts, shooting other bikers, and blowing up cars in an epic chase scene. You can check out the gameplay demonstration below to see more of these features in action.

The game starts with the magical banana befriending the gunman, Pedro. The banana and Pedro go on a wild adventure of bullets and blood, taking out criminals with extreme prejudice… and finesse.

You’ll have to utilize the dual-aiming skills throughout 40 different levels, with a gameplay length that totals about five hours.

According to Agren, it’s designed to be replayable, much like the first Max Payne, where you experiment with different weapons and play-styles as you attempt to progress through the levels faster, or employing different skillsets.

The game is scheduled to release next year in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. It’s easily been one of my most anticipated games because it’s one of the few titles out there that brings the sort of gunplay that was present in the Max Payne 2 mod “Hall of Mirrors” to life in a 2.5D gameplay experience.

Expect more info from Devolver Digital as the game nears release.

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